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VOL. 23, NO. 6OCTOBER 10, 1997

Ilyassa Shabazz Accepts Trustees Resolution

Record Photo by Joe Pineiro.

Ilyassa Shabazz, one of the five daughters of Dr. Betty Shabazz, accepted a resolution from the Columbia Trustees, issued before her mother's death in June, at their meeting last Friday. She is pictured with President George Rupp and Trustee Mathy Mezey. The resolution recalled Dr. Shabazz's membership on the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Health Advisory Council, her support for the Audubon Biomedical Research Center, and her championing of the Malcolm X Medical Scholarships at Columbia. The scholarships are named after her late husband. The resolution said that Dr. Shabazz was "a woman of great character and commitment... In many ways it was Dr. Shabazz who, as a nurse and educator, community leader and civil rights leader, helped catalyze the Audubon Center into an enduring institution. We thank her very much for these efforts."