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 VOL. 23, NO. 9NOVEMBER 14, 1997 

EarthWeb Head to Address CTA


Columbia's Computer Technologies and Applications Program (CTA) will inaugurate its first Academic Year Gathering, an event serving as the program's graduation exercise, with an address this Wednesday (Nov. 12) at 7:00 P.M. at Faculty House by Jack Hidary, president and CEO of EarthWeb, a leading developer of technologies for the Internet. Hidary's speech to the CTA graduates is entitled "The Future of the Net."

  The CTA Program is a four-semester course of study for adults wishing to deepen their knowledge of computer technology and business information systems, with a view to career change or advancement. The program, launched in 1984, has grown steadily over the years and is now generally recognized as the premier offering of its kind in the metropolitan area. This year's graduation ceremony will be the first to feature a talk by a leader in the computer industry.

  Hidary, whose star was set in the computer galaxy with the creation "Gamelan: The Java Directory," is a '91 alumnus of Columbia College who studied philosophy and neuroscience while an undergraduate.

  After Columbia, Hidary conducted research at the National Institute of Mental Health, founded ReliefNet, a Web site providing information about relief organizations, and started EarthWeb. Hidary and EarthWeb appeared in The New York Times, Business Week and Wired after the creation of "Gamelan" and Web sites for such clients as The New York Stock Exchange and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  With nearly a million hits per day, "Gamelan" is among the Web's most popular sites.