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 VOL. 23, NO. 14FEBRUARY 6, 1998 


Graduate Program in Communications Approved, Also Name Change for Dept. of Applied Physics


At its Jan. 30 meeting the University Senate unanimously approved an interdisciplinary graduate program in communications, to be based in the Journalism School. It also approved a change in the name of the Department of Applied Physics, adding the words “and Applied Mathematics.”

  Standing in for President George Rupp, who was in Switzerland, Provost Jonathan R. Cole reported promising early returns in admissions for the Business school and for Columbia College and the Engineering school (See Admissions story). He also fielded questions from senators on the University’s scouting of Governor’s Island in New York harbor as a possible educational site, on funding for a teaching resource center and on increases in construction costs for the Lerner student center .

  Sen. Paul Duby, chairman of the Senate Executive Committee, reported on what he called a “very fruitful” meeting between Senate and Trustee nominating committees about candidates to fill next year's Senate-consulted Trustee seat. The two groups agreed on a short list of candidates to be discussed further by the Trustees.

  Duby also said that a once-a-semester meeting between Trustee and Senate subcommittees on issues of concern to the Columbia community had not taken place in the fall, but he hoped there would be such a meeting during the Trustees’ weekend on campus in March.

  Duby said that a subcommittee was conducting a preliminary review of the University’s policy on sexual misconduct, and that the Executive Committee would report to the Senate on these deliberations during the spring.

  He also announced that a Faculty Affairs Committee survey of experiences with Columbia health benefits had been sent out to all 2,500 full-time faculty, and he appealed to colleagues for a good response rate to assure the validity of the results.