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 VOL. 23, NO. 17MARCH 6, 1998 

Not a Spectator Sport

Record Photo by Joe Pineiro.

Members of the new managing board of the student newspaper, the Columbia Daily Spectator, posed with journalist Andy Rooney, the keynote speaker at the paper’s annual Blue Pencil Lecture, on Feb. 25 in Low. Above are, front from left, photo editor Lauren Becker, CC‘99; Rooney, and editor-in-chief Eli Sanders, CC‘99. Standing from left are: ‘Spectacle’ editor Don Saelinger, CC‘00; ‘Perspectives’ editor Dimitri Apessos, CC‘99; publisher David Karp, CC‘99; news editor Lauren Kofke, CC‘00; photo editor Wil Van Cleve, CC‘00; features editor Daniel Sorid, CC‘99, and editorial page editor John V. Bennett, CC‘99.