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 VOL. 23, NO. 21APRIL 17, 1998 

Public Affairs Creates New Office of Photographic and Video Services

Public Affairs has created a new Office of Photographic and Video Services to better serve the needs of the University.

  In making the announcement, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs Virgil Renzulli said, “Photographic services will offer a higher quality and greater variety of still photography, by giving the University community access to a large and excellent pool of freelance photographers, who vary in both specialty and price, and who can handle anything from a simple black-and-white portrait and a conference or dinner to high-quality photography for full-color publications.”

  The office will not only book and oversee these freelancers, but will also handle film development, printing and billing. The office will also create and maintain a central University photo file of such things as campus buildings, student life and major events, as well as individual portraits.

  Because video is becoming a more important part of University external relations activities, Public Affairs is also offering video services. In fact, the office creative staff has already completed two videos:

  • a 22-minute video about the research at the Columbia New Media Technology Center intended for the National Science Foundation and corporate research sponsors; and

  • a 15-minute student recruitment video for Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

  “We believe our video service produces high-quality work at a very reasonable cost and offers the University the added advantage of having a creative staff who knows the University well,” said Renzulli.

  The telephone number for Photographic and Video Services is 854-2375. Those with questions about the new department should call Renzulli at 854-5576.