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 VOL. 23, NO. 23MAY 20, 1998 

CCS Makes Its Annual Awards to Community Service Groups

More than 30 community organizations were represented at a reception held by Columbia Community Services in Low Library May 5. From left: Walter Houston and Jacquelyn Wideman of the New York Council of Smaller Churches, and Christopher Fay of Broadway Community Inc. Record Photo by Amy Callahan.

Columbia Community Service, which, together with the Health Sciences Neighborhood Fund, raised more than $230,000 this year, held its annual awards ceremony in the Low Faculty Room on May 5.

  More than 30 community organizations received grants, which will help support schools, day care centers, soup kitchens and other activities in the area.

  The following CCS donors were winners of a raffle conducted at the reception:

  Rahel Hailu, lunch at the Terrace; Rachelle D. Butler, VCR from Republic Office Supply; Emily Lloyd, complimentary tickets to the Miller Theatre; Richard Bulliet, cellular phone; Tony Heinz, “Angela’s Ashes,” from Barnes & Noble; Patricia S. Catapano, gift certificate from Papyrus Books.

  Also, Herbert Wechsler, luncheon with Beth Wilson; David F. Genero, luncheon with Alan Stone; Marian F. Pagano, luncheon with Keith Walton; Barbara Clapp-Adams, luncheon with Nancy Rupp; Edna Velez, luncheon with Patricia Francy, and James G. Carrubba, luncheon with Emily Lloyd.