Mar. 1 Is 'Interactive' Art Day in Dodge

On Wed., Mar. 1, Columbia's School of the Arts will open the doors of Dodge Hall to the general public for "Interaction"--a day-long program of interactive exhibitions and performances.

"Interaction" will begin at 9:00 A.M. with on-going events--telephone kiosks, bathrooms and stairwells will be transformed into art installations. Upon entering Dodge lobby, visitors will be encouraged to contribute to a word mural and to help with the creation of a "paint-by-numbers" stained glass window.

From 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M., an orchestrated series of performances will take place throughout the building at 15-minute intervals. As the audience travels through the building they will experience live elevator music, a dada stairwell, a sound chamber and hallway entertainment.

The finale will occur in the lobby, where the audience and performers will be provided with makeshift instruments for a music session.

"Interaction" is a first-time, student-initiated project to promote active artistic exchange throughout the five disciplines of the School of the Arts--film, music, theatre arts, visual arts and writing.

"Dodge Hall is full of artists who never see each other. We already know that the arts are marginalized within society. How are we going to survive if we are isolated from one another?" says Sarah Cusick, co-coordinator and a first-year theatre director. "Our intention is not only to create activity amongst ourselves, but to open up the School of the Arts to the entire University," says Diane Paulus, co-coordinator and also a first-year theatre director.

Funding for the event comes from the School of the Arts Student Initiative Fund and the President and Provost's Student Initiative Fund as a way to produce a performance series that by definition will present collaborative work involving people from two or more division within the school.

Admission to "Interaction" is free.

An advance schedule of the day's events is available in the Dean's Office, 305 Dodge.

Columbia University Record -- February 24, 1995 -- Vol. 20, No. 18