Rudin Lecture at P&S

Solomon H. Snyder, this year's Samuel Rudin Distinguished Visiting Professor, will give a lecture titled "Novel Messenger Molecules in the Brain" on Tues., June 20, at 4:00 P.M. in the P&S Alumni Auditorium.

Snyder, who is the director of the department of neuroscience and Distinguished Service Professor of Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, is the recipient of numerous professional honors, including the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Biomedical Research, Wolf Foundation Prize in Medicine, Dickson Prize (University of Pittsburgh), Bower Award (Franklin Institute), and honorary doctor of science degrees from Northwestern, Georgetown, and Ben Gurion University.

His identification of receptors for neurotransmitters and other research has led to advances in molecular neuroscience.

The June 20 lecture is free and open to the public.

Columbia University Record -- May 26, 1995 -- Vol. 20, No. 30