Lasker Dedication

The Mary Woodard Lasker Biomedical Research Building was dedicated on Nov. 2 during the Columbia-Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council meeting. Above, James Fordyce of the Lasker Foundation; Herbert Pardes, vice president for Health Sciences, and Christopher Brody of the Lasker Foundation joined in the ceremony. At left, noted heart surgeon Michael DeBakey received the Dean's Award for outstanding contributions to the advancement of health care. DeBakey was the first to open an artery for the treatment of stroke, the first to perform a coronary artery bypass, the first to use a partial artificial heart and the first to perform a heart transplant. The Lasker Biomedical Building, in Washington Heights, is the first of five planned for the city's only medical research and biotechnology park. Photos by Eve Vagg.

Columbia University Record -- December 1, 1995 -- Vol. 21, No. 11