$5,000 Honoraria:
Awards to Honor Great Teachers

A new series of presidential awards to honor great teaching at Columbia is being created, reports Provost Jonathan R. Cole in a recent letter to the Columbia community.

Each year President Rupp will make up to five awards at commencement to members of the faculty who have made a distinguished contribution to the educational mission of the university and have exercised a lasting intellectual influence over their students. Recipients will each receive $5,000.

Also, plans are underway to recognize the role that graduate students play in Columbia's educational programs, with three awards for teaching excellence. Each will carry an honorarium of $1,000. These awards will be made through a separate process that will be announced later this spring.

Cole said: "Columbia has been and continues to be a university that demonstrates that there is in fact harmony between great teaching and path-breaking research. But we must honor our great teaching as the world recognizes our faculty's research achievements. This is one important way to celebrate Columbia's great teachers."

All full-time Columbia faculty will be eligible for the new awards, as will part-time instructors who have a significant relationship to Columbia's teaching programs. The awards will not be allocated by any formula across instructional ranks and schools but will represent the diversity of the University, Cole said.

"We will take special care to ensure that the awards recognize excellence in both graduate and undergraduate teaching and that they are given in both the arts and sciences and the professional schools," he said.

Although the awards will normally be given to individuals, they may occasionally be given to groups of faculty who have made collective contributions to the education of students.

Any member of the Columbia community may nominate someone. For each nomination, a detailed letter describing the faculty member's teaching accomplishments should be sent to the Teaching Awards Committee, Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration. 310 Low Library. Deadline is Feb. 23.

This year's faculty judging committee includes: Ira Katznelson, political science, chairman; Qais Al-Awqati, medicine; Akeel Bilgrami, philosophy; Barbara Black, law; James Carey, journalism; Paul Glasserman, business; Elaine Sisman, music; Nicholas Turro, chemistry, and Charles Hamish Young, microbiology.

The committee will select finalists and then ask their departments to submit supporting materials, a letter of support from the dean or chairman, and other materials. The committee will then make its choices and forward their names to President Rupp for his review and decision.

Columbia University Record -- February 9, 1996 -- Vol. 21, No. 16