New ID Cards Will Soon Be Available

Issuance of the newly designed University ID card will go into effect for all new and replacement cards this spring.

There is no requirement to obtain the new card immediately because the old and new cards will work simultaneously.

However, employees who wish to may do so by surrendering their current IDs in 204 Kent, open 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and 9:00 A.M.-6:30 P.M. Tuesdays.

Employees must come during their assigned months, designated by the first letters of their last names: March: A-D; Apr.: E-K; May: L-R; June: S-Z.

Persons who have lost their current ID cards should follow the standard protocol: their departmental administrators prepare a note authorizing the issuance of a replacement ID.

Columbia University Record -- March 8, 1996 -- Vol. 21, No. 19