Tribute to Lamont

Photograph. Photo Credit: Joe Pineiro.

Vincent Blasi, the Corliss Lamont professor of Civil Liberties at Columbia Law School; Nomi Maya Stolzenberg, law professor at the University of Southern California and James Henderson, senior counsel of the Center for Law and Justice, which is affiliated with the Christian Broadcasting Network, participated in a tribute to the late Corliss Lamont on Sept. 18 in Low Rotunda. A debate on "Civil Liberties and the Role of Religion in Public Life" was conducted after a program honoring the life and work of Lamont, an activist accused in the 1950s by Senator Joseph McCarthy of un-American activities. Lamont, though born to Wall Street wealth, was jailed as a pro-labor picket. Lamont, a benefactor of the University, was a graduate of Harvard and Columbia, where he received a Ph.D. in philosophy. He died in April at the age of 93.

Columbia University Record -- September 29, 1995 -- Vol. 21, No. 4