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 VOL. 23, NO. 15FEBRUARY 20, 1998 

Columbia Community Service Draws Campus-Wide Support

Alan Stone, vice president of public affairs, and Edna Velez, coordinator, draw names in a CCS contest. Winners receive lunch with senior administrators. Record Photo by Eileen Barroso.
The annual Columbia Community Service drive is drawing to a close, but it is not too late to give, to help support worthy community groups.

  Following is a list of volunteer coordinators on the Morningside, Barnard, TC and Harlem Hospital campuses, as supplied by their departments:

  Alan J. Stone, 301 Low MC 4319, Public Affairs; Rhea E. Pliakas, 210 Low MC 4316, Office of the Secretary; Christopher Lee, 475 Riverside MC 7705, Human Resources; Anne Sutthoff, 475 Riverside MC 7705, Human Resources; Sunny Schlichter, 308 Low Library MC 4317, Provost’s Office; Maureen Toro, 118 Hartley Hall MC 3001, Univ. Residence Halls; Gina Bookhout, 407B Kent Hall MC 3907, East Asian Lang. & Cult.;

  Victoria Prince, 209 Low MC 4315, Arts & Sciences; Roger Bagnall, 606 Hamilton MC 2862, Classics; Laura Guiterman Freund, Retired, 222 E. 93 Street/formerly at 414 McVickar, MC 4656 [Social Work]; Rich Dikeman, 303 Lewisohn MC 4110, Div. Of Special Programs; Audrey Bauer, 510 Mudd MC 4714, Sch. Eng. & Applied Science;

  Anthony (Tony) Gunthrope, 2910 Hogan Hall Rm. 312, Level A Box 6-CMR, MC 3206, Controller’s Office;

  Colleen Watrous, 208 Philosophy MC 9201, Student Services; Lyneth Whitley, Suite 964 Interchurch Cntr. MC 7724, UDAR; Daiselle Crawford, 103 Uris Hall MC 9142, Business School; Kerith Gardner, 305C Dodge MC 1803, School of the Arts; Wayne Proudfoot, 506 Kent MC 3952, Religion; Donna Badrig, 213 Low MC 4318, Columbia College;

  Kathy Anderson, 202 Low MC 4309, President’s Office; Simona D. Ovanezian, B-230 E.C. MC 3405, Facilities Management; Roshanie Adhin, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 401 MC 7715, Office of Investments; Jennifer Caplan, 108 Low MC 4305, Grad. Sch. Arts & Science; Jim Borland, 530C Thorndike Box 223, Teachers College; Katie Embree, 107 Main Hall, Box 132, Teachers College;

  Karen Blank, 105 Milbank—Barnard College, Dean of Studies; Peter Connor, 304 Milbank—Barnard College, French Department; Saul Davis, 5 Milbank—Barnard College, STEP; Barry Kaufman, 101 Milbank—Barnard College, Finance & Administration; Janet Landis-Frey, 115 Milbank—Barnard College, UDAR; Paula Loscocco, 401C Barnard Hall—Barnard College, English Department; William Sharpe, 408A Barnard Hall—Barnard College, English Department;

  Lori McFarland, Milbank Rm. 6—Barnard College, Personnel Department; Herbert Sloan, 413 Lehman—Barnard College, History Department; Pat Schmidt, Milbank Rm. 6—Barnard College, Personnel Department; Marguerite Nelson, 210 Kent Hall MC 9204, Student Financial Services; Anne Marie Stephens, CU Health Services MC 3601, Health & Related Services.