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 VOL. 23, NO. 19APRIL 3, 1998 

On Campus

71 Columbians Are Inducted into the Twenty-Five Year Club

President George Rupp with inductee Miguel Saa of the office of real estate management, and his guest, son Michael Saa. Record Photo by Joe Pineiro.

Some 71 Columbians, from full professors to support staff, became members of the Twenty-Five Year Club at its annual dinner in Low Rotunda last Wednesday evening. President George Rupp presented each inductee with a watch, and the new members then mingled with other members, both those currently still at Columbia and those who have retired, for a buffet dinner.

The new members:

  Richard Abbott, Faculty of Medicine, administration, assistant. dean; Kirsten Marie Abildskov, pediatrics, sr. research worker; Arline Albala, physiology and cellular biophysics, sr. staff associate; Victor Ernest Aning, Harlem Hospital Center, tech. IV; Jean S. Barrett-Corring, office of student services, supervisor; Ilona M Bicsak, biblio control division, head monographs processing service; Robert Glenn Bookbinder, Lamont-Doherty Geological Earth Observatory, sr. staff associate;

  Norma Jacqueline Ranker, P&S, rehabilitation medicine, administrative coordinator; Mary D. Broussard, Harlem Hospital mechanics, department administrator; Mercedes D. Alessandri, School of Business, director; William J. Davis, pediatrics, clinical professor; Glenda Sue de Mercado, Presbyterian Hospital, medicine, nurse specialist; Samuel Delgado, facilities operations, watch engineer; Gloria L. Dixon, School of Public Health, administrative coordinator;

  Leonardo Antonio Espaillat, office of the controller, sr. payroll clerk VI; Margaret Anne Esposito, office of student services, sr. student service representative; Stanley Fahn, neurology, H. Houston Merritt Professor; Janet M Franceschi, office of the controller, administrative aide; Harold Lamont Fraser, office of institutional real estate management, handy person C; Patrick X. Gallagher, mathematics, professor; John M. Gardner, pediatrics, business manager; Elsa-Grace Vonna Giardina, cardiology, medicine, clinical professor; Joy Hayton, English and comparative literature, department administrator;

  Kenneth Hess, radiology, sr. research worker; Peter Rolf Holt, St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital, medicine, professor; Beth H. Israel, office of projects and grants, director; Joseph Jean-Pierre, Harlem Hospital Center, tech IV; Gloria E. Jenkins, P&S, Center for Radiological Research, research worker; Barbara Jeter, Harlem Hospital Center, tech IV; Barbara Johnston, School of Public Health, administrative assistant; Pamela T. Kelly, office of student services, associate director; Alan Donald Kennis, Law Library, library assistant V;

  Marlene Klyvert, P&S, School of Dental and Oral Surgery, associate professor of clinical; Bohdan Kowalyk, P&S, surgery, administrative assistant; Marianne J. Legato, medicine, associate professor of clinical; Patricia Ann Lisak, Faculty of Medicine, administration, manager; Lybia P. Marsi, School of Public Health, division administrative; Alina Martin, School of Public Health/ NCCP, administrative aide; Joseph Paul Martin, Center for the Study of Human Rights, executive director; Aurea Celeste Martinez, Center for Population and Family Health, sr. staff associate;

  Malcolm E. Meistrell Jr., School of Dental and Oral Surgery, associate clin. professor; Prospero Meneses, office of real estate management, porter A; Shanta M. Modak, surgery, associate research scientist; Thomas Q. Morris, VP & dean’s office, P &S , medicine, clinical professor; Barbara Jo Moss, School of General Studies, coordinator undergraduate advising; Joyce Adair O’ Dowd, Lamont-Doherty Geological Earth Observatory, assistant supervisor; Julio Pagan, office of University development and alumni relations, data base manager; Kellis E. Parker, School of Law, Isid & Sev Sulzbacher Professor of Law;

  Bashir Ahmad Parvez, facilities operations, Health Sciences Division, manager; Persaud Fores, Harlem Hospital Center, technician IV; F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital, Medicine, professor; Keith Reemtsma, surgery, professor; David Charles Roach, Lamont-Doherty Geological Earth Institute, sr. staff associate; Pedro Rodriguez, office of real estate management, door attendant A; Michael R. Rosen, pharmacology, Gustavus A. Pfeiffer Professor; William Rosner, St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital, medicine, professor; Domenico Russo, Administrative Information Systems, supervisor;

  Miguel Saa, office of real estate management, door attendant C; Leonardo Seeber, Lamont-Doherty Geological Earth Observatory, research scientist; Renee Solomon, School of Social Work, associate professor; Norma C. Thompson, Harlem Hospital Center, tech IV; Linda Ann Timmons, psychiatry, department administrator; Althia E. Verley, biological sciences, lab assistant;

  Harvey J. Weiss, medicine, professor; Jeffrey K. Weissel, Lamont-Doherty Geological Earth Observatory, Doherty sr. research scientist; Robert A. Wolven, the Libraries, director, bib. contrl. & proc.; Shiu-Mei Huang Yang, biological sciences, staff associate; Tuncel M. Yegulalp, Henry Krumb School of Mines, professor; Ming-Neng Yeh, obstetrics & gynecology, clinical professor; David James Zegarelli, P&S, School of Dental and Oral Surgery, professor.