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 VOL. 23, NO. 19APRIL 3, 1998 

Columbia in the News

Among the many prominent stories on Columbia in the print and electronic media recently:

  • Columbia General Counsel Elizabeth Keefer was featured in a front-page story in the Mar. 16 issue of The National Law Journal. The article reports how some attorneys are able to get in-house corporate positions, while others, used to independence, have difficulties. Keefer is cited as a good example of an attorney who has both management and legal skills.

  • Wallace S. Broecker, Newberry Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, was featured in a New York Times story Mar. 17 about paleoclimatology research. Broecker is described as a “great guru among the relatively small group of scientists who try to fathom the present and future behavior of the earth’s climate by studying how it has behaved in the past.”

  • Michael Dorf, professor of law, is quoted in a Mar. 13 USA Today story about the alleged power of law clerks to U.S. Supreme Court justices: “In the broad sweep of the law, the effect of clerks is negligible. But it is true, sometimes, you will see lower courts deciding a case, basing a decision on their interpretation of a phrase that was written by a clerk.”

  • Gerard Lynch, Kellner Professor of Law, wrote an article for The Washington Post on the record of the independent counsel concept in recent United States history. “Ken Starr isn’t the problem,” he wrote. “The sorry record of independent counsels past and present shows that the institution itself is unnecessary and counterproductive.”

  • Robert Legvold, professor of political science and director of Columbia’s Harriman Institute, was quoted in a Mar. 22 Daily News column by Lars-Erik Nelson about the recent shakeup in the Russian government. “Is this an impulsive action on Yeltsin’s part just to show that he’s in charge? My hunch is yes. The political system there is not institutionalized yet and Yeltsin does not have to account to anybody for what he does.”