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VOL. 23, NO. 2September 12, 1997

Dancer Savion Glover to Open Miller's Season

The Miller Theatre opens its season on Oct. 5.

By Kim Brockway

Columbia's Kathryn Bache Miller Theatre will open its new season on Sun., Oct. 5, with a tribute to Savion Glover, one of America's most creative forces in the field of dance. Special guest host Yvette Glover, singer and mother of Savion, and an all-star line-up of dance legends will join the young powerhouse of Broadway's "Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk."

  "The upcoming season offers a remarkably diverse range of musical concerts, dance performances, film screenings, and intellectual discussions," said Robert Fitzpatrick, dean of Columbia's School of the Arts. "In addition to showcasing engaging and inspiring talent from across the nation and around the world, a number of this season's events feature members of the Columbia community, such as film professor James Schamus, visiting political science professor George Stephanopoulos, professor and director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies Manning Marable, faculty members from the Writing Division and others."

  Only days after opening at the New York Film Festival, "The Ice Storm," whose screenplay was adapted by Schamus from a novel by Writing Division alumnus Rick Moody, will be the catalyst for a conversation about collaboration, conflict and cross-fertilization in the arts.

  Part of the "Theatre of Ideas" series, the Oct. 9 event "From Novel to Film: The Ice Storm" will feature Schamus and Moody in a candid discussion of the adaptation of the novel, with clips from the film and readings from the novel.
Savion Glover

  Subsequent presentations in the "Theatre of Ideas" series focus on fame and artistic expression ("Of Fame and Fraudulence: Is art a fraud?") with members of the Writing Division on Oct. 23, and the pervading sense of intolerance ("The New Intolerance in Politics, Sex, Race, and Art") in a four-part series of dialogues with such leading voices as Susan Sontag, Edward Said, George Stephanopoulos, Kinshasha Conwill, Mary Gordon, and others, presented in conjunction with PEN American Center, each Wednesday in February.

  Performances by Ruth Brown and Abbey Lincoln, scheduled for November, are the featured attractions in the "Jazz Masters: Ladies Sing the Blues" series.

  The annual Barnard showcases on Dec. 5 and 6 will include a restaging of Anthony Tudor's classic "Fandango" (1963) by Airi Hynninen, a new ballet work by Fabrice Herrault, and premieres by Sandra Genter and Donlin Foreman. Award-winning choreographer Ralph Lemon will visit Miller Theatre to develop, present and discuss a new work-in-progress on Mar. 26 and 27.

  The magical films of Japan's Yasujiro Ozu will be explored in a series on Sept. 23 and 30 that will feature such masterpieces as Tokyo Story and Late Spring, as well as selected early silent comedies. The evenings will be presented by Donald Richie, world-renowned expert on Japanese cinema, and are co-sponsored with the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture.

  The exploration of Japanese cinema will continue in February with the series, also co-sponsored with the Keene Center, "Japanese Film Masters." An International Chikamatsu Symposium will bring together Japanese, European, and American performers, scholars, and other distinguished theatre experts for a three-day revisitation of the work of playwright Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1724), Oct. 25-28.

  The Contemporary African Diaspora Film Festival will bring two days (Dec. 11 and 14) of its activities, including the closing gala concert featuring the Malian singer Coumba Sidibe and other leading women artists, to Miller Theatre.

  The music of Johann Sebastian Bach will be celebrated in performances by four of today's most gifted solo artists: Sergiu Luca (Oct. 19), David Higgs (Nov. 9), Samuel Bartos (Nov. 12), and Angela Hewitt (Nov. 19).

  Additional classical music programs are scheduled for the spring.

  The "Sonic Boom" series will feature performances by the New York New Music Ensemble (Nov. 11), Speculum Musicae (Nov. 16) and the New Millennium Ensemble (Nov. 20), among others.

  For a season brochure, which includes additional events scheduled for the upcoming season, stop by or call the box office, 854-7799.