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 VOL. 23, NO. 20APRIL 10, 1998 

Outreach Program Leads to Full-Time Hires

Record Photo by Eileen Barroso.

Four people have been hired permanently and three stand a good chance of getting permanent jobs as part of the Facilities Management Community Outreach Program. Participants in the Outreach program, hired on a temporary basis last fall through an agreement between TWU Local 241 and the University, were referred by local community based organizations. The new full-time hires—who are participating in a training program for mechanics—are now union members. Pictured are, bottom row: Ernest McClean, member of the TWU executive board; Bob White, asst. vice president; Rich Blandon, Outreach; 2nd row: Francesca Roberts, Outreach; Sam Glen, Outreach; 3rd row: Michael Clarillo, Outreach; Marcella Mobley, Outreach; 4th row: Charles Maikish, vice president; David M. Cohen, director of labor relations; Keith Gordon, Outreach; Sam Delgado, president, TWU; Enzo Rodriguez, shop steward, TWU; not pictured: John Roberts, Outreach.