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 VOL. 23, NO. 20APRIL 10, 1998 

News from the College

Signed, Sealed, Accepted

Record Photo by Eileen Barroso.

With Columbia College Dean Austin E. Quigley in the driver’s seat, the acceptance letters for the Class of 2002 were enthusiastically sent off last Wed., Apr.1. Just 14 percent of the 12,243 applications to the College were accepted, while the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science accepted only 28 percent. The selectivity rate for both schools is at its lowest ever, with the College dropping from last year’s previous low of 17 percent. Celebrating the send-off with the Dean were, from left: David Charlow, director of undergraduate student financial planning; Chris Colombo, dean of undergraduate admissions and financial aid; Eric Furda, director of admissions, and, kneeling, Bill Zimmer, director, undergraduate admissions and financial aid.