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 VOL. 23, NO. 20APRIL 10, 1998 

Commemoration Service Next Thursday to Remember Columbians Who Died in 1997

The annual Commemoration Service for Columbians who died in 1997 will be held on Thurs., Apr. 16, at 5:00 P.M. in St. Paul’s Chapel. President George Rupp will speak.

  The following list of those who will be remembered is supplied by the Earl Hall Center:

  Forrest L. Abbott, chief financial officer, Barnard College, retired; Ruth Allison, senior secretary, Faculty of Medicine, retired; Mildred Alston, divisional administrator, department of medicine, retired; Anselmo Alvarez, locksmith, Facilities Management, Health Sciences Division, retired; Isaac K. Anarfi, student, School of Public Health; Melvin Anshen, professor emeritus, Graduate School of Business, retired; Conrad Arensburg, special lecturer; University Seminar member, department of anthropology, retired; Dionne Badaloo, officeassistant, Libraries administration; Melvin L. Baron, adjunct professor of civil engineering, department of civil engineering; Arthur Bartley, truckdriver, grounds andmaintenance, retired; Helene Bell, administrative aide, student services, retired; Lowell Bellin, professor, School of Public Health, retired; Helen Bellows, administrative assistant, Henry Krumb School of Mines, retired; Stephen G.Berry, director, print and mail services; Rita B. Black, associate professor, School of Social Work; Ann Bolton, administrative assistant, department of physics, retired; Thomas Briggs, professor, Teachers College, retired; Barry S. Brook, University Seminar associate; James Brown, bibliographic assistant, Libraries administration; Frank Calcagni, project manager, facilities management, Health Sciences Division; Vera Carter, purchasing assistant, Libraries administration, retired; James C. Chen, senior technician, department of radiology, retired; Ruth Clements, office assistant supervisor, University Residence Halls, retired; Juan Colon, heavy cleaner, facilities management, Health Sciences Division, retired; Howard Corbin, adjunct professor and executive-in-residence, Graduate School of Business, retired; Ennis Cosby, student, animal caretaker, Institute of Cancer Research, retired; Joan Davis, director, office of career development, School of Social Work, retired; Conezio Defelice, mechanic, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, retired; Philip DeFliese, professor emeritus, Graduate School of Business, retired; Melida Diaz, heavy cleaner, facilities management; Charles L. Drake, professor of geology, department of Earth and environmental sciences, retired; David Elwyn, research scientist, department of surgery, retired; James Farrell, business officer, intercollegiate athletics, retired; Henry LeRoy Finch, University Seminar associate; Stanley Fink, member, Health Sciences Advisory Council; Sophie Finke, animal caretaker, department of medicine, retired; Catherine Finnegan, light cleaner, building services, retired; Jeannette Fleishner, professor of education, Teachers College; Archibald Foley, assistant clinical professor, department of psychiatry; Albert Freyer, senior technician, department of anatomy and cell biology, retired; Heliodor Garzon, power operator, utility systems, retired; Domenica Genovese, assistant supervisor, office of the controller, retired; Roberto C. Goizueta, Trustee, The American Assembly; Charles Gravesande, night guard, University residence halls, retired; Edgar Haber, member, Health Sciences Advisory Council; Anita Hansing-Flynn, secretary, School of Nursing, retired; Richard Harris, plan inventory assistant, planning, design, and construction, facilities management; Albert Gailord Hart, professor emeritus, University Seminar member, department of economics, retired; Charles Hawkins, laborer, maintenance Shops, retired; George Helwig, technician, building services, retired; John H. Herriot Jr., office assistant, information center, School of Law; Konrad C. Hsu, professor emeritus, department of microbiology, retired; Toni A. Hyacinth, administrative coordinator, facilities management; Jerry C. Jacobs, clinical professor of pediatrics, department of pediatrics; Abram J. Jaffe, professor; University Seminar member, department of anthropology; Joseph Jakubczak, cataloger, Libraries administration, retired; Andrew Kachur, student, Graduate School of Business; Ruth Kamelhar, office assistant, University Residence Halls, retired; Grayson L. Kirk, President Emeritus;

  Sven Kister, associate clinical professor, department of surgery; Abbie Ingalls Knowlton, clinical professor emeritus, department of medicine, retired; Regina Elkes Kohn, associate professor, School of Social Work, retired; Catherine Kroslak, assistant librarian, Hudson Laboratories, retired; James Lafayette, photographer, department of ophthalmology, retired; Marcus Gerhardt Langseth, Palisades Geophysical Institute senior scientist and adjunct professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Frank Lech, instrument maker, department of mechanical engineering, retired; Toby Lelyveld, graduate student advisor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, retired; Ruth Levenson, associate director, Heyman Center for the Humanities, associate provost for special projects, University Seminar member, retired; Leona Levy, administrative aide, University Development and Alumni Affairs, retired; John Lindenbaum, professor of medicine, department of medicin; Elaine Lowenstein, director, office of career development, School of Social Work; Joaquin Luttinger, professor, department of physics, retired; Edna Luviso, clerk, Hudson Laboratories, retired; Howard Richard MacLean, security officer, office of safety and security, retired; Ali Jawad Malik, student, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; Malcom Marriot, sergeant, office of safety and security; Betty Jean McCormick, chief technical supervisor, department of radiology, retired; William J. McGill, President Emeritus; William Meyer, guard, building and grounds services, retired; Olga Mirosav, administrative assistant, department of chemistry, retired; Claudia L. Morey, student, School of General Studies; Eugene F. Murphy, associate clinical professor of dentistry, School of Dental and Oral Surgery, retired; Grace Mustermann, assignment clerk, School of Dental and Oral Surgery, retired; Ursula M. Niebuhr, professor of religion, Barnard College, retired; Richard A. Norman, professor emeritus of English, Barnard College, retired; Joseph Nye, vice president of business, retired; Naomi Ruth Loefer Owens, administrative aide, department of genetics and development, retired; Marianth Pappas, administrative assistant, department of neurology, retired; Carolyn R. Peppin, senior laboratory technician, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Marvin Pope, University Seminar associate; Mina Rees, University Seminar associate; C. Earl Reymond, book keeper, real estate management; Inez Robinson, light cleaner, services, retired; Mae Rudolph, coordinator of professional communication, Faculty of Medicine, retired; Mario Salvadori, professor emeritus of architecture, James Renwick Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Applied Science, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, department of civil engineering, retired; Thomas Santulli, professor, department of surgery, retired; Marion Sartoris, senior service representative, student services, retired; Stanley Schachter, Robert Johnson Niven Professor Emeritus, department of psychology, retired; Edward B. Schlesinger, Byron Stookey Professor Emeritus, council member, department of neurological surgery; Health Sciences Development, retired; Howard Schless, professor, department of English comparative literature, retired; Karl Schumann, glassblower, department of chemistry, retired; John P. Seidler, student, Teachers College; Robert Serber, professor, department of physics, retired; Betty Shabazz, council member, Health Sciences Development; Ichiro Shirato, senior lecturer of Japanese, department of East Asian languages and cultures, retired; Isaac Shultz, computer operator, Hudson Laboratories, retired; Richard Skalak, James K. Finch Professor of Engineering Mechanics, department of civil engineering, retired; Emily Stalter, lab technician, department of ophthalmology, retired; John Sun, mechanic, maintenance shops, retired; Mellesse Taddesse, door attendant, real estate management; Charlotte Terry, special procedures technician, department of radiology, retired; Dorothy Touretz, accounting clerk, institutional real estate, retired; Marx Wartofsky, University Seminar associate; Thomas Watkins, lecturer, department of music, retired; Walter Weiker, University Seminar associate; Estelle Whelan, associate research scholar, Center for Iranian Studies, University Seminar member, department of Middle East and Asian languages and cultures; C. Martin Wilbur, Sansom Professor of Chinese History, University Seminar member, department of East Asian languages and cultures, retired; Anne Winslow, University Seminar associate; Nancy J. Woodhull, University Seminar associate; Charles E. Worster, manager,iInvestigations, office of safety and security, retired; Murray N. Wortzel, manager, bookstore, School of Social Work; Chien S. Wu, senior research scientist and professor emerita, department of physics, retired, and Joycelette Yancey, light cleaner, building services, retired.