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  • Published by the Columbia University Record

    MARCH 12-APRIL 8, 1999

    To submit listings: calendar@columbia.edu


    Health Sciences

    Special Events


    EMINENT ORGANIST LIPPINCOTT TO PERFORM On Sat., April 10 at 8:00 p.m. in Miller Theatre, acclaimed organist Joan Lippincott (above) will appear as soloist with the Hunter Symphony Orchestra in a festive concert of music for organ and orchestra. Lippincott has been acclaimed as one of America's outstanding organ virtuosos. The program will include the Reed-Bach arrangement of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Schubert's Unfinished Symphony in b, and Joseph Jongen's kaleidoscopic Romantic masterpiece, Symphonie Concertante for Organ and Orchestra, with Ms Lippincott as soloist. The Hunter Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by its director, Clayton Westermann. Tickets: $10, $5 with Columbia ID. For more information, call (212) 854-1540.

    TUES., MAR. 23

    Noon. "The Asian Development bank: Its Role in Handling the Asian Currency Crisis," by D.C. Amerasinghe, Asian Development Bank. Co-sponsored by the International Economic Policy Concentration and the Center for Japanese Economy and Business. 918 IAB.

    12:15 P.M. "Urban Issues Workshop: Social Networks and Social Capital as Resources for Community Revitalization," by Nicole Marwell, Univ. of Chicago. Sponsored by the Center for Urban Research and Policy. 801 IAB.

    WED., MAR. 24

    Noon. "The Politics of Bureaucratic Structure and Blame Avoidance: Banking Crisis, Financial Globalization, and Reorganization of the Financial Bureaucracy in Japan," by Nobuhiro Hiwatari. East Asian Institute Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. 918 IAB.

    12:30 P.M. "The Israeli Elections," by Myron Aronoff, Rutgers Univ. Middle East Institute Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. 1118 IAB.

    4:00 P.M. "Water and Health in Bangladesh" panel moderated by Prof. Rounaq Jahan. Reception will follow. Sponsored by the Southern Asian Institute. 410 International Affairs.

    5:30 P.M. "Japan: Does It Play Fair in the Global Economy?" with Gary Saxonhouse, Univ. of Michigan; Jacob Schlesinger, The Wall Street Journal, and others. The Reuters Forum Lecture Series. Lecture Hall, Journalism.

    6:00 P.M. "Antiquity as Future: The Past as Model for Aesthetic Renewal," by Anna Ottani Cavina, Universita degli Studi di Bologna. Cultural Change and Visual Representation in the Late Eighteenth Century Lecture Series. Teatro, Casa Italiana.

    6:30 P.M. "Women's Accomplishments in International Human Rights...What's Next?" with Ambassador Julia Alvarez, Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic; Patricia Flor, Permanent Mission of Germany to the U.S., and others. Sponsored by the Barnard Center for Research on Women. 304 Barnard.

    THURS., MAR. 25

    Noon. "Major Cultures at Columbia: Perspectives on Teaching." Speakers include Patricia Grieve, professor of Spanish and Portuguese; Marc Van de Mieroop, professor of Middle East and Asian language and cultures; Marcia Wright, professor of history. Society of Fellows in the Humanities Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. Heyman Center, East Campus.

    Noon. "The Indonesian Crisis and Its Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy," by Alex Arvizu, National Security Council. East Asian Institute Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. 918 IAB.

    12:30 P.M. "The Political Economy of Violence in Colombia," by Ignacio Nazih Richani, George Washington Univ. Co-sponsored by the Institute for Latin American and Iberian Studies and the International Conflict Resolutions Program. 802 IAB.

    1:20 P.M. "Schmoozing: The Ultimate Tool to Success" by Mark Oldman, co-author of Vault Reports Guide to Schmoozing and co-founder of Vault Reports.com. Sponsored by the Columbia Entrepreneur's Club. 330 Uris.

    1:20 P.M. Students for Responsible Business at Columbia Business School hosts Roger Wood, VP of eCommerce of Reebok International. He will speak about Reebok's human rights initiatives, success in international brand management and efforts to bring technology to undeserved areas. Please RSVP to tam34@columbia.edu. Uris 331.

    4:10 P.M. "TCP, NTCP and All That..." by Marco Zaider, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Dept. of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Medical Physics Seminar. 214 Mudd.

    8:00 P.M. "Ancient Laughter and Modern Philosophy," by Quentin Skinner, Cambridge. Lionel Trilling Seminar. 104-106 Greene.

    FRI., MAR. 26

    Noon. "NATO Expansion and the Future of European Security," by Michael Brown, Georgetown. Co-sponsored by the Institute for World Peace Studies and the International Relations Theory/Diplomatic History Workshop. Lindsay Rogers Room, 7th Floor, IAB.

    3:30 P.M. "Single Molecule Spectroscopy," by Jay Trautman, SEQ Inc. Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Colloquia. 805 Mudd.

    5:30 P.M. "Seeing as Touching: A Lacanian Look at Titian's Venus of Urbino," by Mary Pardo, UNC-Chapel Hill. Howard Hibbard Lecture Series. 501 Schermerhorn.

    MON., MAR. 29

    Noon. "Organization and Dynamics of MAPK Activation Cascades in Yeast," by Beverly Errede, UNC-Chapel Hill. Sponsored by the dept. of biological sciences. 700 Fairchild.

    4:00 P.M. University Seminar: "Ethnicity and Army Recruitment in Pakistan" by Hasan-Askari Rizvi, Quaid-e-Azam Professor of Pakistan Studies at Columbia. Sponsored by the Southern Asian Institute. 1134 International Affairs.

    TUES., MAR. 30

    12:10 P.M. "Human Rights in Croatia," by Carmen Butler, MIA candidate. Harriman Institute Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. 1219 International Affairs.

    12:30 P.M. "A Love-Hate Relationship: Cuba and the U.S. Since 1898," by John Dumoulin, visiting scholar. Institute for Latin American and Iberian Studies Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. 802 IAB.

    4:00 P.M. "Behind the Talks on Urbanization: Laissez Faire or Affirmative Action?" by Mykola Riabchuk, Princeton. Sponsored by the Harriman Institute. 1219 IAB.

    6:00 P.M. "Chinese-U.S. Relations," by Jun-Tao Wang, dept. of political science. Sponsored by the Chinese Forum. In Chinese. 918 IAB.

    WED., MAR. 31

    12:15 P.M. "The Death of the University: Education, Politics and the Media in Serbia," by Zoran Milutinovic, Wesleyan. Harriman Institute Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture Series. 1219 IAB.

    12:30 P.M. "Islamic Religious Schools and Militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan," by Hassan Askari, Southern Asian Institute. Middle East Institute Brown Bag Lunch and Lecture. Call (212) 854-3616 for location.

    4:10 P.M. "Narrating the Self: Autobiographies and Diaries of Finnish Women," by Anna Makonen, Finnish Academy. Sponsored by the dept. of Germanic languages. Deutsches Haus.

    MON., APRIL 5

    "The Cabinet of King Serfoji of Tanjore: German Missionaries, European Science, and Poetry in 19th Century India" by Prof. Indira Peterson, Mount Holyoke College. Sponsored by the Southern Asian Institute. Call (212) 854-3616 for time and location.

    WED. APRIL 7

    4:00 P.M. "Double Rehabilitation, No Rehabilitation: The 'Dangerous Individual' and the New Technology of Control in Prison" by Prof. Lorna Rhodes, Univ. of Washington. Sponsored by the Dept. of Anthropology. 963 Schermerhorn Ext.

    6:00 P.M. "Israel and the Palestinians: A Continuing Entanglement" by Azmi Bishara, Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset. Sponsored by the Center for Cultural and Historical Studies. 301 Philosophy Hall. (Related seminar will be held the following day, April 8, in the Board Room, Heyman Center.)

    "Architecture and Revolution: Las Escuelas Nacionales de Arte en la Habana." Through May 7. Sponsored by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. 100 Level, Avery.

    Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Awareness Days Art Show. Featuring works by Jeremy Glazier, April Greenberg, Paul Heiner and Brian Mikesell. Through March 31. Basement, St. Paul's Chapel.

    "The Inventive Hand: A Selection of Works by Giovanni Battista Piranesi." Includes 80 drawings, etchings and engravings by the 18th century artist and architect. Through March 20. Wallach Art Gallery, Schermerhorn.

    WED., MAR. 24

    12:30 P.M. "Health and Human Rights in Afghanistan," by Zohra Rasekh, Physicians for Human Rights. Sponsored by the Center for Population and Family Health. B-3, 60 Haven Ave.

    FRI., MAR. 26

    Noon. "Protein Structure Prediction: Current Development and Future Directions," by Ansui Yang, prof. of biochemistry and molecular biophysics. Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Seminar. 523 Black.

    MON., MAR. 29 4:00 P.M. "Human Rights and Sexuality: Articulating a Framework," by Ali Miller. Sponsored by the Program for the Study of Sexuality, Gender, Health and Human Rights. 600 W. 168th St., 5th Floor Conference Room.

    TUES., MAR. 30

    Noon. "GPI-Specific Phospholipase D: A Plasma Enzyme With an Integrin Beta-propeller Domain," by Martin G. Low, prof. of physiology and cellular biophysics. Physiology and Cellular Biophysics Seminar. Rover Physiology Conference Room, 11-505, P&S.

    WED., MAR. 24

    12:15 P.M. Chamber Music Recital, with Susan Glaser, flute; Jeanne Goffi, soprano and Lora Tchekoratova, piano. With works by Roussel, Corigliano and Talma. I.I. Rabi Concert. Faculty House.

    THURS., MAR. 25

    Noon. Organ Recital, with Douglas Drake and Robin Lynne, mezzo-soprano. With works by Blind Organists. Sponsored by the Chapel Music Program. St. Paul's Chapel.

    7:00 P.M. Nondenominational Church Service, with Rev. Wyatt T. Walker, Canaan Baptist Church. Sponsored by the Black Church. St. Paul's Chapel.

    SAT.-SUN., MARCH 27-28

    Columbia-Jafee Conference on the Mathmatics of Finance. Conference aims to bring together academics and practitioners who are at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field, to discuss questions of great current interest and to suggest open problems. Sponsored by the Departments of Mathmatics and Statistics at Columbia and by JAFEE, the Japanese Association for Financial Econometrics and Engineering. For information, visit the Web site at: http://www.math.columbia.edu/seminars/col-jafee_conf.shtml

    WED., MAR. 31

    12:15 P.M. Cello Recital, with Nicholas Anderson. Works by Matthew Owens and Timothy Anderson. I.I. Rabi Concert. Faculty House.

    7:30 P.M. Film Screening: Der verlorne Ehre der Katharina Blum, dir. by Schloendorff/von Trotta. With subtitles. Free admission. Sponsored by the dept. of Germanic languages. Deutsches Haus.


    Noon. Organ Recital, with Shelly Moorman-Stahlman. With works by Guilain, Roger-Ducasse and Duruflé. Sponsored by the Chapel Music Program. St. Paul's Chapel.

    SAT., APRIL 3

    "Understanding China's Revolution: A Celebration of the Lifework of William Hinton." Conference on William Hinton, author of seminal works on the Chinese Revolution, celebrated his 80th birthday on Feb. 2, 1999. To commemorate his life and work, the China Study Group, Columbia's East Asian Institute, Monthly Review Magazine, US-China Peoples Friendship Association, China and the World Magazine and friends of Bill Hinton will co-sponsor the conference and reception in his honor. Dag Hammerskjold Lounge, 6th Floor, International Affairs.

    The following are home games.

    FRI., MAR. 26

    Noon. Baseball vs. Maine.

    SUN., MAR. 28

    Noon. Women's Lacrosse vs. Dartmouth.

    Noon. Baseball vs. Pennsylvania. (doubleheader)

    WED., MAR. 31

    4:00 P.M. Women's Lacrosse vs. Wagner.

    FRI., APRIL 2

    Noon. Baseball vs. Dartmouth. (doubleheader)

    3:00 P.M. Men's Tennis vs. Fairleigh Dickinson

    SAT., APRIL 3

    Noon. Baseball vs. Harvard. (doubleheader)

    Noon. Men's Tennis vs. Cornell

    Crew: Men's Heavyweights vs. M.I.T. and Men's Lightweights vs. Navy, Rutgers. Call for race start times: (212) 854-2534

    TUES., APRIL 6

    3:00 P.M. Baseball vs. L.I.U.

    WED., APRIL 7

    3:00 P.M. Baseball vs. Manhattan


    4:00 P.M. Women's Lacrosse vs. Pennsylvania