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Vol.25, No. 02 Sept. 10, 1999

High-Tech Hub Opens for Faculty in Lewisohn

Embracing technology in the classroom, General Studies has made room in Lewisohn Hall for a satellite extension of Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching & Learning (CCNMTL). Through the satellite extension, faculty of the Arts and Sciences interested in incorporating new media in their courses will have the resources and support of CCNMTL's staff in a convenient location.

Like the Center in Butler Library, the new satellite office will train faculty to use high- tech tools to enhance class curricula and will support them in the creation of custom-made digital content for Columbia classes.

In addition to the sixth floor faculty training laboratory, CCNMTL is participating in the development of two projects on the third floor. In collaboration with GS, a learning laboratory will provide space where digital alternatives to one-on-one tutorial assistance can be explored. And, through collaboration with AcIS, a "smart classroom" located on the third floor, will benefit GS students and other undergraduates. Both projects, entering their prototype phases and to be completed by the Fall of 2000, will greatly advance the technological tools available to all undergraduates.

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