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Vol.25, No. 18 Mar. 31, 2000

Fulbright Scholars Flock CU From Around the Globe

Twenty-four foreign recipients of the Fulbright Scholarship are calling Columbia home for all or part of the academic year 1999-2000. And from the University, the Fulbright Scholars program is permitting two professors to leave for a semester during the year.

The Columbians who received Fulbright Scholarships are assistant professors Rhoda Leslie Lipton of the Journalism School and Zita Cristina Nunes of the English and Comparative Literature Department. Lipton is lecturing on The Responsibilities of a Free Press in an Emerging Democracy at the Center for Independent Journalism in Bratislava, The Slovak Republic, this spring. Nunes lectured on American literature at the Pedagogic University in Maputo, Mozambique, in the fall.

The Fulbright Scholars coming to conduct research in New York from Western Europe number six. They hail from distinguished schools including Cambridge University, Utrecht University, The Netherlands and the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens.

Five scholars from Eastern Europe and Russia will also make the journey to Columbia, traveling from Latvia, Romania and Russia. The Pacific Rim sends four, from Japan and New Zealand. The Middle East (with representatives from Israel and Turkey) and Central and South America ( Mexico, Argentina and Brazil) both had three researchers selected. Two will arrive from China, and India is sending one.

The Fulbright Scholarship offers 1,000 awards annually to college or university faculty and non-academic professionals to teach or pursue research abroad.