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Vol.26, No. 06 Oct. 16, 2000

Congressional Adjournment Delayed

By Ellen S. Smith

With Election Day drawing nearer, Congress has yet to complete all that it needs to before adjourning.

Less than half of the annual funding bills were passed, and changes to pension, tax and Medicare bills may still occur before the end of the session. Congress hopes to adjourn by the end of October.

Although details of Medicare and pension bills have not yet been revealed, information that has “leaked” out suggests the following:

•An IRA Charitable Rollover provision will likely be included in a final bill. Such a provision will provide new donor opportunities;

•Increases in pension contributions are being addressed, and

•Medicare payments for medical education are likely to be frozen at their current levels.

For additional information, please contact Ellen S. Smith, assistant vice president and director of Federal Relations,