2012–2013 Board Members


Aretha Chakraborti
Liz Owerbach

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for expanding our network of human rights NGOs and devising strategies to aid them in their work. The Research Committee solicits new legal projects and coordinates student research.

Stephanie Amoako
Diane Chan
Allison McCarty

Professional Outreach Committee

The Professional Outreach Committee plans the Human Rights Faculty Lunch Series and events focused on human rights throughout the year. These programs connect students with human rights practitioners at Columbia and around New York.

Toma Livshiz

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee organizes the annual Louis Henkin Debates. This event brings together leading legal scholars, practitioners, and judges to debate a contentious, relevant human rights issue.

Chris Burke

Social Committee

The Social Committee plans social events to foster a stronger human rights community at Columbia. The Social Committee also works to build a membership base and networking coalition to assist students in beginning human rights careers.

Kevin Mallen

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee manages the Rightslink human rights mentorship program, which connects 1L Rightslink members with upper-year and LLM students who have experience in human rights work and study.

Jenni Douglas

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee works with the co-presidents and committee chairs to promote Rightslink programs and human rights opportunities in the Columbia community.

Ashley Starr Kinseth


James Erselius