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March for Life

January 23, 2012, Washington DC
Members of Columbia Right to Life headed down to Washing D.C. for the 39th annual March for Life. We were joined by over 200,000 marchers of all ages and affiliations, with a substantial and enthusiastic youth presence. The weather was less than ideal: rainy, chilly and foggy, but these conditions didn't deter the spirit of the crowd (thankfully most of our signs were waterproof.) Abortion is now legal in all nine months of pregnancy in all 50 states. Since the Roe v. Wade verdict in 1973, over 53 million preborn babies have been lost to abortion. This annual march is an essential reminder to the leaders of our nation that abortion is a moral evil that we will not tolerate. Thank you to all who participated this year!

Planned Parenthood Q&A

November 30, 2011
Columbia Right to Life hosted Shanna Siegel, Planned Parenthood supporter and former employee to answer students' questions on abortion, Planned Parenthood, and the pro-choice perspective. In a 90-minute open Q&A forum, students raised topics ranging from when life begins, to contraception, to the future of the abortion debate in American politics. Ms. Siegel answered all questions candidly from her own experience and beliefs. The event afforded a rare opportunity for honest, respectful inquiry from both sides in a non-threatening environment. All present learned something or had their curiosity piqued to explore further. The event was an great opportunity to try to understand someone you disagree with, all in a respectful setting.

Bake Sale

Thursday, October 27, 11-3:00pm, Lerner ramps
Thank you all for come by the Lerner ramps to collect some tasty baked goods from CRL! We made a good amount to benefit a New York crisis pregnancy center. Check out some pics from the event!

Abortion is Not Social Justice Day

Tuesday, October 25 Students for Life of America is hosting Abortion is Not Social Justice Day during which campuses are encouraged to consider the question "Is abortion social justice?" in order to start dialogue and discussion.
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Screening and Discussion of 180

Monday, October 24 at 8:00pm, Hamilton 411 Columbia Right to Life hosted a screening and discussion of the 20-minute documentary "180" on October 24 at 8:00pm in Hamilton 411. Thank you all for attending, there was interesting and fruitful discussion following the screening.