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America Crisis Pregnancy Helpline


Archdiocese Respect Life Office

Democrats for Life

Feminists for Life

March for Life

National Office of Post-abortion Reconciliation and Healing


The Nurturing Network

Volunteers around the country form this network which assures that a woman doesn't have to choose between her child and her education, or between her child and her job.

Pregnancy Centers

Priests for Life

Officially approved association of Catholic clergy emphasizes the pro-life teachings of the Church. Find educational and prayer resources.

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

Sisters of Life

Contemplative/active religious community dedicated to promoting the sacredness of life offers post-abortion counseling and maternity services.

Students for Life of America

Abortion-related articles and writings

Evangelium Vitae by John Paul II

"A Purely Secular Argument Against Abortion" by George D. Mullen

"Abortion in America: Legal and Unsafe" by Joseph Collison

"The Basics About Stem Cells" by Maureen L. Condie

"A Liberal for Life" by Mike Cummings

"Abortion: Correct Application of Natural Law Theory" by Dianne N. Irving

"A Pro-Life Loss of Nerve?" by James K. Fitzpatrick

"Catholicism & Capital Punishment" by Avery Cardinal Dulles

"Abortion: A Failure to Communicate" by Paul Swope

Libertarians for Life