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Upcoming Events: Please check our Calendar
Event: Romanian Conference @ Columbia University, 6th edition, "Romania - 20 Years After" April 25, 2009, 10-6PM, Room C555, Lerner Hall.
Past Event: Celebration: Join us for an evening of Romanian Food and Jazz while we celebrate Romania's National Day November 23, 2008, 6:30-9:00PM, Party Space, Lerner Hall.
Past Event: Romanian Conference @ Columbia University, 5th edition, "The Long Road Back" April 20, 2008
Organized by the Romanian Club in collaboration with the Romanian Consulate in New York, the event offers the participant the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Romania, what makes it different and what makes it similar to other cultures. The conference will host a range of presentations on the Romanian cultural, political, historical, educational and economic horizons, as well as a short debate. Half of the presentation will be made by students, while the others will be made by speakers from outside the University.
Past Event: Results of Romanian Club's Board Elections here.
Past Event: Romanian Club's soccer team participated in the Soccer World Cup Tournament, 4th edition. Picture's of this year's event can be found here. Please click here to read about our team's past performance (finalist in 2006 tournament)
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