U.S. Air Force ROTC

All Columbia University and affiliated students may participate in the U.S. Air Force ROTC program headquartered at Manhattan College.

AFROTC is the largest source of commissioned officers for the Air Force.

So what is officer training? It's simple, really. The military provides you with training and money to help you start a career and cover your college expenses. You, in return, commit to a term of service in the military after earning your degree. The military gets bright, young officers who are well-trained and well-educated, and you get a college education and a guaranteed career after graduation. As a Cadet you are not enlisted personnel, you are an officer candidate, a distinction created by congress.

Air Force ROTC scholarships cover tuition, an annual textbook allowance, most lab fees and $250-$400 spending cash per academic month. Air Force ROTC currently has 4, 3, 2, and 1 year programs by which college students can become commissioned. And you can enroll in Air Force ROTC classes at the same time and in the same manner as you do for other college courses.

For the four year course, the first two years of the program, known as the General Military Course, consist of one hour of classroom work and one to two hours of leadership laboratory each week. Field training is also part of the schedule. The General Military Course is an opportunity for students not on an Air Force ROTC scholarship to try out the program with no obligation.

After completing General Military Course requirements, you move on to Professional Officer Course. In the Professional Officer Course, you apply what you have learned in the General Military Course and at field-training encampments. And in Professional Officer Corps you actually conduct the leadership laboratories and manage the unit's cadet corps. Each unit has a cadet corps based on the Air Force organizational pattern of flight, squadron, group and wing. Classroom topics include management, communication skills and national defense policy. And once you've enrolled in the Professional Officer Course, you're enlisted in the Air Force Reserve and assigned to the Obligated Reserve Section. This entitles you to a monthly $350-$400 nontaxable subsistence allowance during the academic year.

For more information go to the AFROTC website at www.afrotc.com or the Manhattan College ROTC website at www.afrotc560.com