Group Constitutions

February 18, 1997

Article I: TITLE

The official name of this organization shall be the Armenian Club of Columbia University (hereafter, "Club").

Article II: AIMS

The purpose of this Club shall be to promote the awareness and encourage the involvement of the University community in issues and concerns of the Armenian population. The overall goal of the Club is to stimulate knowledge and advance all Armenian causes.


The Club membership is non-exclusive and open to all students and members of the Columbia University community.



The Executive Committee (hereafter, "Committee") of the Armenian Club of Columbia University shall consist of 1 ) President; 2) Vice President; 3) Treasurer; 4) Secretary; 5) Advisor.


Committee members will be elected at a meeting in the spring semester of each academic year. Each club member shall cast one vote per nominee. Election procedures are as follows: general nominations will be solicited at the Club's first meeting; upon acceptance of a nomination, candidates will be elected by simple majority of general membership in attendance (proxy votes will be accepted if received well in advance of the first meeting).


If approved by general membership in attendance at the election meeting, the Club may operate under an incomplete slate provided the office of President is occupied.


Duties of Committee Members are as follows:

A) President

    1. Shall be elected each academic year.
    2. Convenes and directs all Club meetings.
    3. Approves all budget requests.
    4. Approves all scheduled activities and determines the overall calendar for each academic year.
    5. Meets regularly with the Club Advisor(s).

B) Vice President

    1. Shall be elected each academic year.
    2. Assists the President with duties.
    3. Fulfills the duties of the President in her absence.

C) Treasurer

    1. Shall be elected each academic year.
    2. Designs the budget for each academic year, and submits it to the President for approval.
    3. Accounts for all incoming and outgoing Club funds.
    4. Submits all budget requests to the President for approval.
    5. Offers a financial report to general membership at each meeting.

D) Secretary

    1. Shall be elected each academic year.
    2. Records proceedings of each meeting.
    3. Offers a report to general membership at each meeting.
    4. Handles all correspondence between the Club and outside affiliates.
    5. Communicates meeting/events schedule to general membership.

E) Advisor

    1. Shall be voluntarily occupied each academic year by a previous Club President.
    2. Consults with officers regarding Club status within the Columbia University community.


Each committee member must be dedicated to the aims of the Club stated in Article II, and must make a commitment to further those aims. No member may occupy more than one Executive Committee position during each academic year.



Club membership is on a voluntary basis. Letters of resignation from the Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary must be submitted to the President at least two weeks prior to desired date of resignation. Once approved by President, an election to fill the vacating office will be held.

Letters of resignation by the President must be submitted to the Vice President and Advisor. The President will present her resignation to the general membership at the following Club meeting. At that meeting, if the Vice President is not willing to occupy the office of President, an election for a new President will be held. If the Vice President opts to fulfill the duties of President for the remainder of the academic year, an election will be held to fill the office of Vice President.


Any Committee members may be impeached on the basis of misappropriation/ abuse of Club funds or for other violations of the Club's constitution.


Impeachment proceedings may be least against an officer by any Club member. A motion must be made in writing and submitted to the President for appropriate action. Upon receipt of such a motion, the President shall schedule a general meeting to communicate the nature of the motion and provide an open forum for general membership to evaluate the charges being brought. Prior to this meeting, the officer against whom the motion is brought will be informed of the charge and given an opportunity to prepare a response for the general meeting. Impeachment must be supported by two-thirds of the general membership in attendance.

In the event that the motion of impeachment is brought against the President, that motion must be made in writing and submitted to the Vice President and Advisor. The Vice President will be responsible for following the impeachment procedures as outlined in Article VI, Section 3.1.



Any article of this Constitution may be amended. Constitutional amendments shall be made by Committee members and such amendments shall be submitted in writing to all other Committee members for review. Following approval of the suggested amendment, the President shall present the amendment for approval by general membership. Members must vote by handwritten ballot to either approve or veto the amendment. Acceptance by two-thirds majority of general membership in attendance in attendance is necessary for passage.


The Constitution may be reviewed at the President's discretion. However, this review must transpire at least once during every five-year period of Club activity.

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