Group Constitutions
Asian Journal


For the purpose of furthering the communication and understanding of Asian and AsianAmerican issues, Asian Journal is hereby established.

Article I - Name

Section 1 The name of this organization is Asian Journal.

Section 2 The Executive Board of Asian Journal, hereafter referred as the 'Board,' shall constitute Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, three (3) Literary Editors, two (2) Art Editors and Layout Editor.

Article II - Purpose

Section 1 The purpose of this organization is to serve as a medium of expression for Columbia's artistic and literary talents and to voice issues that are relevant to Asians and Asian Americans.

Section 2 The Board shall be charged with the duty of maintaining and implementing the purpose of the organization.

Article III - Membership

Section 1 The requirements of membership includes a minimum attendance of three meetings. Membership is open to all.

Section 2 Only members are undergraduate students in Barnard College, Columbia College, or the School of Engineering and Applied Science may hold office.

Section 3 The privileges and responsibilities of membership are the opportunity to participate in the production of a journal and to assist the board in implementing their functions.

Section 4 Membership may be revoked by a 2/3 vote of the Board due t o failure to actively participate in the journal or as a consequence of actions detrimental to the focus of the journal.

Article IV - Meetings and Procedure

Section 1 Meetings shall be held monthly. Additional meetings are to be held as needed when called by 1/2 of the Board. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the authority to call for any meeting whenever he/she deems it necessary.

Section 2 The formal vote is used to resolve problems that affect the entire board. Either the Editor-in-Chief or the Associate Editor must be present at the formal vote. Quorum for the formal vote requires 2/3 of the Board. Formal votes are conducted by the Associate Editor by the following order: Layout Editor, Business Manager, Art Editors (by alphabetical order of surnames), Literary Editors (by alphabetical order of surnames), Publisher, Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief. If the Associate Editor is absent, the Editor-in-Chief shall conduct all votes. A decisions reached through a formal vote is final.

Article V - Officers

Section 1 Asian Journal shall have the following officers: Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, three (3) Literary Editors, two (2) Art Editors, Layout Editor.

Section 2 The duties of these officers shall be:

Editor-in-Chief Ensure the publication of Asian Journal. Resolve internal conflicts within the Board. Represent Asian Journal to students, faculty and administrators. Delegate responsibilities to the Board as necessary. Initiate co-sponsorships with other organizations. Seek new recruits to Asian Journal Preside over all meetings. Serve the role of President.

Associate Editor: Assist the Editor-in-Chief in all functions. Maintain records of meetings and conduct formal votes. Assist officers in implementing their functions and manage clerical work. Maintain Asian Journal alumni network. Manage Asian Journal subscriptions. Serve the roles of Vice-President and Secretary.

Publisher: Publicize Asian Journal to increase membership, name recognition, and involvement. Manage and maintain records of all financial transactions. Seek outside source funding (those not of Columbia campus such as philanthropic groups). Solicit advertisements and facilitate all transactions with the Union of Student Organizations and the Student Governing Association (Barnard). Serve the role of Treasurer.

Business Manager: Raise funds through advertisements co sponsorships donations.

Literary Editor: Solicit articles, short stories and poems from Columbia students in classes, via professors, or through other organizations.. Interview leaders of Asian or Asian American issues. Edit submissions and contact writers within one week of receipt of a submission. Manage all members of literary staff.

Art Editor: Solicit artworks of all mediums aggressively in the Columbia campus. Assist Layout Editor in artistic preparation of Asian Journal. Design a cover or pose ideas for a cover. Manage all members of art staff.

Layout Editor: Manage all aspects of layout under supervision of the Editor-in-Chief. Work in conjunction with other members of the Board to address their concerns and constraints (e.g. budget costs).

Section 3 The term of all officers is one school year. Final decision on the details of the presentation of Asian Journal is reserved by the Editor-in-Chief.

Section 4 All officers shall maintain a policy of neutrality and objectivity when reviewing submissions. A simple majority of the Board is required for the publication of a piece in Asian Journal Officers not directly involved with certain submissions should abstain. (e.g. Business Manager's decision on artwork.)

Article VI - Appointing and Removing Officers

Section 1 All new officers are appointed by a plurality decision of Appointment Boards consisting of the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, and the out-going officer(s) whose position is being replaced. In the case of a tie, the position supported by the Editor-in-Chief decides the vote. All decisions are final.

Section 2 Appointment of officers must be preceded by a well publicized message to members and students of the event. Appointments are to be made after a round of interview sessions with the candidate by the Appointment Boards. Decisions are to be private, although the Appointment Board may decide to open it to the membership.

Section 3 Officers may be impeached and removed by the Board. A written note of impeachment must be presented to the Board by either an officer member. Within one week upon receipt of the call for impeachment, a meeting must be held whereby impeachment hearings will be discussed. The officer to be impeached may be present at the impeachment hearings. Quorum for impeachment hearings is 100% of the Board. Impeachment and removal requires a 3/4 vote of quorum.

Section 4 Additional committees may be established and altered by a 1/2 decision of a formal vote.

Section 5 In the event of a mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, a replacement will be appointed by a 2/3 decision of a formal vote by the Board.

Article VII - Staffs

Section 1 Permanent staves include literary staff, art staff, layout staff and business staff.

Section 2 Membership to a staff requires a minimum attendance to one meeting. Staff members have no vote. Staff members work under the supervision of the corresponding officer in charge of the staff (e.g. Layout Editor manages members in the Layout staff).

Article VIII - By-Laws

By-laws shall be established and altered by a 1/2 decision of a formal vote.

Article 1X - Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments must be proposed by an officer at a formal meeting and requires a 2/3decision of a formal vote to pass.

Article X - Ratification

This constitution shall be established by a vote of a 3/4 majority of the Board.

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