Group Constitutions
The Blue Key Society of Columbia College

Revised for Academic Year 1995

Article I. Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be "The Blue Key Society of Columbia College " and hereafter referred to as "Blue Key. "

Section 2. The Executive Board of Blue Key, hereafter referred to as the "Board, " shall consist of the following officers, in decreasing hierarchy: a. President b. Vice-President of Campus Affairs c. Vice-President of Community Affairs d. Treasurer e. Vice-President of Public Affairs f. Barnard Liaison

Article II. Statement of Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to actively serve the academic, social and environmental needs of the Columbia University community through various charitable activities, community service events, campus-wide social events, and philanthropic pursuits throughout the academic year.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall supervise the organization and carrying out of events and actively contribute to meetings.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Membership to this organization is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in Columbia College, Barnard College, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. All members are encouraged to propose new ideas for events and make suggestions for improving "traditional events. "

Section 2. Voting privileges for decisions concerning events and selection of officers is open only to those individuals who have actively participated in at least 2 events per semester. Freshman are allowed full voting privileges after one such semester; votes in which freshman are qualified electors prior to the stated prerequisites will be at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Article IV. Meetings and Procedures

Section 1. Regularly scheduled meetings are generally held once a week, usually on Tuesday nights. These meetings will run 1-1 1/2 hours long. Only the President has authority to call meetings. However, other officers and members are encouraged to consult with the President if it is felt that an "emergency meeting" is necessary.

Section 2. Policy decisions are voted on by eligible members, enumerated in Article III, Section 2. Formal votes are called by the President, and decisions are based on a majority vote. No quorum is necessary. However, if the group as a whole feels that not enough members are present to make a fair judgment, the vote should be postponed until the following meeting.

Article V. Officers

Section 1. The organization shall have the following officers in decreasing hierarchy:

President, Vice-President of Campus Affairs, Vice-President of Community Affairs, Vice-President of Public Affairs, Barnard Liaison.

Section 2. Any of the mentioned official positions are open only to those members who have attended and actively participated in at least 3 events per semester.

Section 3. The election of officers be conducted during mid to late April, with the President determining the exact time and date. Any eligible Blue Key member can make a self-nomination or nominate a fellow member for office. All nominations must be seconded either by the candidate himself or by another member.

Section 4. All terms of office are for the duration of one year, to begin on the University Commencement Day and to end on the Commencement Day of the proceeding year. However, duties of the respective officers will be gradually assumed by the officers-elect as each incumbent deems necessary and appropriate.

Section 5. Responsibilities and powers of the officers shall be as follows:

  1. President- to lead and organize meetings, supervision of events and delegation of the responsibilities involved in these events, call for votes, decide quorum to conduct business; and from time to tune appoint individuals to ad hoc committees to further the goals of Blue Key.
  2. Vice-President of Campus Affairs- to execute the logistics of on-campus events, which include but are not limited to the annual Yule Log Ceremony, DDC co-sponsored events (Fun Run, Key Day) and Community Impact co-sponsored events (Halloween party, Kid's Carnival), films, barbeques and other social events as to be determined during the academic year by the Board.
  3. Vice-President of Community Affairs- to execute events encompassing a community larger than the immediate Columbia student body, which include but are not limited to blood drive events (must attend University blood drive committee meetings and assume a leadership role in such meetings, order T-shirts, organize tabling and telephone reminders) and all off campus service functions (Neurofibromentosis Silent Auction, Multiple Sclerosis Bike-a-Thon and Walk-a-Thons).
  4. Treasurer- to organize revenue generation (communicate and sign refrigerator and rug contracts with various companies), all activities these events may engender, take care of all bookkeeping and f nancial transactions between Blue Key and its members as well as outside debts.
  5. Vice-President for Public Affairs/Secretary- to send out weekly phone mail reminders of meetings and events, creating a weekly agenda after consultation with the President, author open letters on behalf of Blue Key after consultation with the President, design and print flyers for all events as needed after consultation with event organizer, and to distribute such materials among members.
  6. Barnard Liaison- to keep Blue Key up to date with Barnard activities and functions such that scheduling conflicts do not arise, and be involved with co-sponsoring events with Barnard.

Section 6. All mentioned duties are not all-inclusive in that other responsibilities may be assigned as necessary during the academic year.

Article VI. The Election and Removal of Officers

Section 1. Elections will be held by secret ballot. The incumbent President will count the ballots unless that person is running for the position under consideration. Votes will then be verified by another member of Blue Key who is not running for the position under consideration. A majority of those present are needed for victory; if no one candidate receives a plurality of the electorate, then the president will declare another ballot for the top two candidates who have received the most votes .

The hierarchy of officers is as follows:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President of Campus Affairs
  3. Vice-President of Community Affairs
  4. Treasurer
  5. Vice-President of Public Relations
  6. Barnard Liaison

Elections are conducted beginning with the President, and ending with Barnard Liaison. In the case that a candidate loses the vote for one of lice, he or she is eligible to run for the of fice(s) next in the hierarchy.

Sections 2.

In the events of a mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, the replacement must be voted for in the same manner as above, at a date the President will determine.

Section 3.

When, in the majority opinion of the Executive Board, an officer has not been attending to the obligations of his or her of fice adequately as enumerated in Article V, Section 5, whether through neglect or incompetence, will be subject to impeachment by the Blue Key membership as a whole; a two-thirds plurality will remove that person from office. The Executive Board, however, must enumerate in writing those duties that have been unsatisfactorily executed for which impeachment is justified. The Officer in question will have an opportunity to refute those allegations to the membership as a whole.

Article VII. Awards

Section 1.

As of academic year 1995, the Blue Key Society will administer awards to members of the Columbia community who demonstrate leadership qualities which enhance campus life through constructive action and creative thought, thus affirming Blue Key's long-standing tradition of campus involvement. The Executive Board will determine the number of recipients. The award shall be known as the Berril E. Gold, Class of 1965, Award, in honor of a Columbia College alumnus who distinguished himself in the service of his beloved College and in the service of his nation.


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