Group Constitutions
The Columbia Clefhangers

The name of this organization shall be the Columbia Clefhangers, hereafter referred to as the Clefhangers.

Article II--Purpose

Its purpose is to offer co-educational a Capella singing to all members of Columbia University as musical entertainment. This will entail accommodating those whose religious commitments do not enable them to participate in other a Capella organizations on campus. Specifically, the group must inform potential members of this accommodation to religious commitments. It should be noted, however, that those who do not require special accommodation are equally eligible for membership. Although the group's primary purpose is musical entertainment, the Clefhangers shall also seek to train and educate its members musically.

Article III--Organizational Structure

A. Active membership shall consist of not more than 15 people unless overruled by three fourths majority of current membership.

  1. All members of the Columbia community shall be eligible for membership regardless of race, color or religion
  2. Members shall be chosen solely according to the Clefhangers' musical needs.
  3. To be considered for membership, all candidates must pass a voice audition conducted by the current membership.
  4. Final selection of a three-fourths majority of the current membership.

B. New members shall serve an initial probationary period.

  1. This period shall consist of four weeks of regular scheduled rehearsals during which their performance shall be evaluated by the active membership.
  2. The continuance of the active membership of new members shall be decided upon at the conclusion of this period by a two-thirds vote of the active officers.

C Active membership is contingent upon attendance and performance.

Article IV--Officers

  1. All members are subject to a performance review at any time and may be asked to leave the group if deemed necessary by a two-thirds vote of the acting officers.
  2. Any member whose conduct interferes with the group's proper functioning may be asked to leave the group if deemed necessary by a two-thirds vote by the active officers..
  3. Otherwise, active members may remain so until graduation form the University.
  4. Should a member, for any reason, take a leave of absence from the group, he or she will have to reaudition in order to be reinstated into the group.

A. There shall be three officers elected immediately following the spring holidays by three fourths of the entire active membership.

1. These officers shall be the President, the Music Director and the Business Manager.

  1. The duties of the President shall be to represent the Clefhangers in all arrangements and commitments for performance and entertainment, both on and off Columbia's campus.
  2. The duties of the Music Director shall be to conduct all rehearsals, be responsible for musical direction in performance, arrange the music, conduct auditions, and be responsible for the music library.
  3. The duties of the Business Manager shall be to take responsibility for all financial undertakings, publicity, and travel arrangements for performances.

B. Officers are entitled to form committees to assist them in their various responsibilities.

  1. All three officers have the power to call meetings pertaining to their positions.
  2. All final decisions within standing committees shall remain in the hands of the officer in charge of the committee.

C. Officers may be impeached by three-fourths the active membership.

1. Impeachment of an officer is a serious action and should be based upon the following offenses:

  1. Consistent failure, for any reason, to perform the duties of the officer is grounds for impeachment
  2. Consistently acting in an arbitrary or undemocratic fashion, and not acting in the interests of the group as a whole is also grounds for impeachment.

2. Impeached officers have the option to remain as active members of the group.

D. Officers may be asked to leave the group if deemed necessary by three-fourths of the active membership.

  1. The conditions for expelling officers shall be the same as those for all regular active members.
  2. Elections for the vacated position shall take place immediately upon expulsion of a given officer.

Article V--Procedures

A. Regular meetings shall occur in the form of rehearsals.

  1. All scheduling decisions shall be approved by three-fourths vote of the active membership.
  2. The music director shall preside over al regular rehearsals.
  3. The music director is the only individual in the group who has the authority to call a rehearsal.

B. All scheduled rehearsals are mandatory. The rehearsal schedule will be decided upon at the beginning of the each new semester by a three-fourths vote of the active membership.

  1. The music director, should he or she deem it necessary, may schedule extra rehearsals provided he or she gives at least two weeks notice.
  2. All such rehearsals become mandatory as well.

2. During a given semester, any combination of unexcused absences and late appearances (2 late appearances shall equal I unexcused absence) totaling two, shall lead to a reevaluation of that member's participation in future performances. The officers shall determine which absences are unexcused.

b. Any number of absences (excused or not) may be cause for reevaluation.

C. General policy decisions depend upon a two-thirds vote.

  1. All active members shall hold one vote.
  2. Any motion may be passed by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.
  3. All members must be present to vote upon a policy change.
  4. All final music decisions shall be the Music Director's
  5. Only the President and Business Manager may authorize financial activity of the Clefhangers.

Article VI--Amendments to the Constitution

A. Any active member may propose an amendment to the Constitution.

  1. This constitution may be amended by three-fourths vote of the active membership.
  2. This constitution shall go into effect upon three-fourths vote approval of the current membership.

B. No part of the statement of purpose may be amended.

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