Group Constitutions
Club Zamana


We, the members of Club Zamana, in an effort to establish for our group a distinct identity, and with a respect for our fellows, do hereby make the impetus for and direction of this action known:

That we, the present and future members of Club Zamana, are gathered together with the aim of exploring our South Asian cultures. We believe that we have much to gain from each other and that both we and the community within which we live can be enriched by our actions. By exploring our South Asian heritage in a Western environment, we hold that we can better understand our own identities in not only an absolute but also a contextual sense.

That through our interactions with each other and the University community, we believe we can foster our various cultural heritages, enabling the entire community to gain by our efforts. We will take actions to span the divisions which exist in Columbia's diverse environment by educating both ourselves and other groups about our respective cultures.

That we, by acting as a group, can greater benefit ourselves and our community than we could by acting as individuals.

We encourage the participation of all students, faculty, and administration of Columbia University and its affiliates.

I. Name of the Group:

The name of this organization shall be Club Zamana (South Asian Students Association), hereinafter referred to as Zamana.

II. Organizational Structure:

  1. Membership - General membership shall be granted to any student from Columbia University and its affiliates. Membership shall not be denied to anyone on the basis of race, religion, color, national and ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation.
  2. Officers - The executive board shall consist of 7 elected officers with equal voting power.
  1. President - The president shall serve as the primary spokesman and representative to the entire Columbia University community. He/She shall supervise the functioning of the club and its officers, and shall be responsible for maintaining a cohesive, workable atmosphere within the club. He/She shall act as liaison to the Office of Student Activities at FBH, the Union of Student Organizations (USO), Office of Student Activities at McIntosh, and the Student Government Association at Barnard(SGA). The office shall be limited to one term.
  2. Vice-President - He/She shall assist the president in all matters. In the absence of the president, one of the Vice-Presidents shall assume all responsibilities of the President. It shall be left to the discretion of the Executive Board as to whether Columbia Vice-President or Barnard Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities of the president.
    1. Columbia / SEAS Vice-President - The Columbia/SEAS Vice-President shall be a member of the Columbia/SEAS community.
    2. Barnard Vice-President - The Barnard Vice-President shall be a member of the Barnard community.
  1. Treasurer - The treasurer will be responsible for managing the accounts for funds granted by the USO and the SGA. He/She shall keep a continuous ledger for all expenses and receipts approved by the USO and the SGA for Zamana. He/She shall present a bi-weekly financial statement to the executive board. In conjunction with the President, he/she will prepare a mid-year budget report and budget proposal for the following year.
  2. Secretary - The secretary shall be responsible for recording and disseminating the minutes of each Zamana meeting, making the agenda for all meetings and maintaining attendance records of board members for meetings and events. He/She shall be responsible for informing the officers about upcoming officer meetings. The secretary shall also be expected to manage all the administrative business of Zamana.
  3. Representatives-at-Large (2) - The Representatives-at-Large shall supervise all activities of the Organizational Committee Members. They shall head either the Cultural/Social or Issues committee.
  1. Organizational Committee Members:
  1. Purpose - There will be nine non-elected Organizational Committee Members (OCM). These nine shall be selected through an interview process conducted by the executive board. The OCM's will not be granted any voting power.
  2. Structure - The OCM will be divided into two sub-committees:
  1. Cultural/Social - To organize and promote all cultural and social events for Zamana.
  2. Issues - To organize and promote all issue related events for Zamana.
  1. General members shall be given the opportunity to join any of these subcommittees.

III. Terms/Elections

  1. If for any reason the President should be unable to fulfill his/her duties, there will be an election within the executive board between the two Vice-Presidents.
  2. In the event that any other executive board member should be unable to fulfill his/her position, the position shall be filled by executive board appointment.
  3. Nominations and elections of all officers are to be held before the end of classes in the second semester. The election is to be overseen by the president. Offices will be given to those receiving a simple majority of the membership vote present at the election.
  1. The elected offices are restricted to undergraduates from Columbia College, Barnard College, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  1. Voting rights shall be granted to those people listed on the club membership list as of one month prior to the election date.
  2. Anyone interested in running for an executive board position shall contact those overseeing the election by 12 midnight the night before elections so as to place their name on the official ballot.
  3. All candidates will be requested to make a speech followed by questions from those present in the audience. Any individual is allowed to pose a question to either or both candidates. The order of speaking will be determined among the candidates either by mutual consent or by a coin toss administered by the president.
  4. Votes will be counted immediately after the candidates have spoken and each ballot has been cast. Votes shall be counted by an independent and previously selected party, such as an FBH official and the president. Results will be announced immediately after votes are counted. Ballots will be kept in safety for 24 hours after the for a re-count. After 24 hours, the ballots will be discarded.
  5. Absentee ballots can be cast the day of elections through the president. vote count in which time an appeal can he made

IV. Impeachment

  1. Executive Board members may be impeached for the following reasons:
  1. Failure to adhere to attendance policy stated below.
  2. Failure to perform stated duties.
  3. Engaging in actions compromising the general welfare of the club.
  1. A board member may be impeached by a 5/7 vote of the Executive Board. i. Removal must be approved by 2/3 of the total general membership present at the removal proceedings.
  2. Removal of Organizational Committee Members
  1. Should an OCM fail to adhere to the attendance policy or fulfill above described responsibilities, the executive board reserves the right to request the resignation of the OCM.
  2. Additional OCM's shall be added only if the Executive Board determines the need for such an appointment.
  3. The Executive Board shall follow normal OCM selection procedures in this scenario.

V. Amendments to the Constitution

A meeting to amend the provisions of the constitution shall be convened by the officers upon submission to any of its members of a written petition of at least 25% of the entire membership within four weeks of this submission. The provisions of this constitution shall be amended with at least a 2/3 majority of the total membership present at the voting proceedings.

VI. Procedures and Policies

  1. Any of the seven Executive Board members has the authority to call a Board or General meeting.
  2. Executive board meetings shall be scheduled once a week. All board meetings are to be open to all members. Schedule permitting, General Meetings shall be scheduled once every four weeks.
  1. The executive board reserves the right to close off a board meeting at its discretion.
  1. All policy decisions shall be determined by a majority (51%) vote of the executive board provided there is a quorum. Quorum is 2/3 of the executive board or five members
  2. Attendance Policy
  1. Board members are not permitted to miss more than two events or meeting per semester without a valid excuse. Being more than fifteen minutes late for a meeting constitute 1/2 an absence as does not picking up flyers from the mailbox within a legitimate time of the concerned event. A valid excuse may include a family or medical emergency or a religious holiday at the same time as the event or meeting. Any board member who fails to comply with this policy will be asked to resign.

VII. By-laws

  1. sangam- Club Zamana Magazine
  1. sangam is established as the official magazine of Club Zamana.
  2. The editor-in-chief shall be a member of the full board and will have the responsibilities similar to each other board member
  3. The sangam staff includes two assistant editors and a business manager.
  4. No executive board member may be the editor-in-chief of sangam.
  5. The editorial board shall be appointed from a pool of candidates interviewed by the outgoing editor and the executive board.

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