Group Constitutions

We the members of the community of Columbia University, design this constitution to state the purpose of this organization and procedures and laws that govern the group.

Article I

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Columbia Orchestra for Asian Music.
  2. The officers of the Columbia Orchestra for Asian Music shall make up the Executive Board of this organization, hereafter referred to as the Board.

Article II

  1. The purpose of this organization shall be to rehearse and perform Asian music, traditional, contemporary, popular, and all others related to Asian themes, to the best of the ability of its members, as well as to provide an outlet for all those who desire to learn about, explore, and enjoy ASIAN music.
  2. The Board shall be responsible for setting up rehearsals, concerts, events, keeping track of the finances of the group, as well as seeing that the Columbia Orchestra for Asian Music remains a tradition on the Columbia campus.

Article III

  1. Membership is open to those who have a strong interest and commitment to Asian music, not excluding those who cannot play an instrument.
  2. Only members who are undergraduate students in Barnard College, Columbia College, or the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences may vote or hold office.
  3. The privileges and responsibilities of membership include participation in meetings, rehearsals, concerts and events and showing active interest in the future of the Columbia Orchestra for Asian Music.
  4. Membership may be revoked by a majority vote by the Board due to the a member's abuse of the previously stated privileges and/or the failure to comply with the aforementioned responsibilities.

Article IV

  1. Regularly scheduled rehearsals are held once a week. Any member of the Board has the authority to call an emergency meeting with approval of the other Board members
  2. Policies can be suggested by any member of the group. Final decisions are made by the Board after a preliminary consensus of a 2/3 majority of the members.

Article V

  1. The Organization shall have the following two co-presidents treasurer and assistant treasurer leery, lousiness manager, . and stage manager by the process of nomination and then winner of a 2!3 majority vote of the executive board. Only undergraduates from the three aforementioned schools may be eligible to hold office.
  2. The duties of these of ricers shall be to organize and call rehearsals and meetings The treasurer and assistant treasurer shall he responsible for handling the finances of the organization The secretary shall assist the co-presidents with their duties. The business manager shall be responsible for handling funders concert arrangements and concert bookings. The stage manager shall be responsible for handling preparations before concerts including stage and lighting set-up.
  3. Each officer shall hold office for one academic year, but can continue to hold office for subsequent terms throughout his/her undergraduate education if reelected by group members.

Article VI

  1. Elections for appointing officers are held at the end of each academic year, and election privileges are open to all undergraduate members.
  2. Officers may be appointed by any member of the Board with the approval of the other Board members.
  3. The members of the Board may be impeached and removed by the membership if they do not carry out their duties to their fullest ability as deemed by any member. Impeachment procedure involves a 2/3 majority vote of the members. A vote in favor of impeachment removes the officer intermediately, and new elections shall be held at once for the newly vacant position.
  4. In the event of a mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, the next highest ranked of ricer shall take of the vacated duties, and if needed, a new member will be temporarily selected by the Board to help with the duties.

Article VII

  1. The standing committees of this organization shall be a Committee for Asian Music Research, Committee for Music Arrangement, and a Committee for Publicity and Advertising, all of which will be headed by Committee Heads.
  2. The duty of the Committee for Asian Music Research shall be to research and offer selections of Asian music to the group for discussion of the possibility of the piece's performance. The duty of the Committee for Music Arrangement shall be to arrange the performance pieces into their separate orchestra sectional parts fit for playing at rehearsals and concerts. The duty of the Committee of Publicity and Advertising shall be spreading word of COAM happenings via posting of fliers, email, phonemail, etc.
  3. Committee Leaders shall be selected by process of nomination and winner of a 2/3 majority vote of the executive board, as done by the election of officers..
  4. Additional committees may be formed or dissolved by the consent of the Board and the Committee Leaders.

Article VIII

  1. By-laws of the organization shall be established and altered by a 2/3 majority vote of its members. Any member may declare that a certain by-law be changed.
  2. By-laws of the Board shall be established and altered by any Board member with the consent of the other Board members.

Article IX

I. Amendments may be proposed by any member of the organization and approved by a vote of 2/3 majority of its members.

Article X

1. This constitution shall be established by a vote of 3/4 majority of the membership of the organization.

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