Group Constitutions
Culinary Society of Columbia University

Article I - Name

Section 1

The name of this organization shall be the Culinary Society of Columbia University, hereafter referred to as the "CS."

Section 2

The officers of CS shall make up the Executive Board of the CS, hereafter referred to as the "CS Board."

Article II - Purpose

Statement of Purpose

The Culinary Society of Columbia University espouses enjoyment, appreciation, and activity in the world of the culinary arts. We intend to enhance the quality and aptitude of student life through educational experiences that will extend past the organizational setting. Keeping in mind our role as a member of the greater University and metropolitan community, significant attention will be placed upon contributing to the overall well being of these populations through volunteer activities, educational forums, and programs with other student organizations. Through the culinary arts, our members strive to enhance appreciation and enjoyment of the world for all of society.

Article III - Criteria for membership in the CS

Section I

1. The CS is open to all members of the Columbia community regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or physical handicaps;
2. Members must assume personal financial responsibility for damage caused by the group to any space or at Columbia University or at any other University or off-campus facility;
3. The president and treasurer of the organization must be a part- or full-time student of Columbia College or School of Engineering and Applied Sciences or Barnard College;
4. Members must be willing to accept all rules and regulations made by the CS Board;
5. Members must also accept all rules mandated by University policy and local, state and federal law.

Section 2 - Financial Responsibility of the CS Board

The CS Board must meet the following standards:

1. Maintaining a positive balance in University Accounting after any one event.

2. Allocating the organization's entire yearly allocation to events within the year.

3. Allocating funds for events that directly benefit the welfare of students on campus.

Article IV - Executive Board Meeting Procedures

Section 1

All meetings shall be run in accordance with Roberts' Rules of Order.

Section 2

The President shall preside over all meetings. In the President's absence, the Vice President shall preside over the meeting.

Section 3

All meetings shall be open to the public unless closed by a 2/3 vote by the Board.

Section 4

Meetings shall be held monthly, as determined by the CS Board. The President of the CS shall also have the authority to call other meetings.

Article V - Officers

Section 1

The CS Board shall have the following officers:

1. President, whose responsibilities are to preside over the CS meetings, coordinate the CS Board and to hold CS elections;

2. Vice-President Columbia, a CC or SEAS student whose responsibilities are to assist the President and other officers in executing the events held by the CS Board, and to address the concerns of the general membership;

2. Vice-President Barnard, a Barnard student whose responsibilities are to assist the President and other officers in executing the events held by the CS Board, and to address the concerns of the general membership;

3. Treasurer, whose responsibilities are to balance the CS account and to execute monetary transactions made by the CS Board;

4. Secretary, whose responsibilities are to take minutes and make them publicly accessible;

5. Two (2) Representatives-at-Large, whose responsibilities are to coordinate the events which the CS holds;

6. Advisory Board, consisting of all past presidents, to serve in a purely advisory fashion.

Section 2

All officers are expected to attend the CS Board meetings, with the exception of the members of the Advisory Board. Advisory Board members can attend all CS Board meetings at will, but are not required to attend any.

Section 3

Members of the Advisory Board serve as a resource to the CS An activity report shall be sent to each member of the Advisory Board by the current President at the end of each academic year. record of the Advisory Board members shall be maintained in the Presidents' Log, which is passed on to each successive President. Each President is required to enter his/her name, class, and graduating year. In addition, highlight of the activities of his/ her term should be noted.

Article VI - Electing, Appointing and Removing Officers

1. Elections

Section 1

All CS Board elections shall be organized and executed by the President of the CS during the spring term of the academic year. In the case that a position becomes vacant during the school year, elections will be held for the open position as soon as possible.

Section 2

Executive Board positions are only open to any continuing undergraduate student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science or Columbia College or Barnard College.

Section 3

Each general member shall have one vote in all CS Executive Board elections. The President shall abstain from voting except in the case of a tie, in which case the President will be required to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Section 4

All CS Board elections shall take place at either a regular General Body meeting or a specially designated meeting of the general body of the CS. This meeting shall be open to all members of the Columbia Community. A representative of the USO will be invited to observe the elections to insure impartiality from all parties, and to count the ballots. Any number of candidates may contest for each of the positions.

Section 5

The procedure for each election shall be as follows:

1. Once the date of elections has been set by the Board, all candidates shall be required to hand in a nomination form at least one week before the election date. Any candidate failing to do so will be ineligible to run;

2. Candidates for all positions shall be given five minutes to address the general body, unless time does not permit. If necessary, up to a 10 minute question/answer session shall follow the completion of the speeches for each position.

3. The President of the CS shall oversee the counting of all ballots, with the help of the USO representative.

2. Election Appeals

All concerns regarding the election should be brought to the attention of the outgoing President. The President shall work with the USO to resolve any contentious issues.

Article VII - Committees

Committees shall be formed by the board for the purpose of developing special projects. The Chair of each committee must attend all board meetings until the respective committee is dissolved, unless relieved of this duty by the President.

Article VIII - By-Laws

Any additions or changes to the By-Laws must be passed by the CS with a 2/3 majority vote.

Article IX - Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the CS Constitution must be passed by a 2/3 majority vote.

Article X - Ratification

This document must be ratified by the CS by a 3/4 majority vote.

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