Group Constitutions


Ratified by the membership of Columbia/Barnard Filmmakers on September 6, 1994

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be "Columbia / Barnard Filmmakers", hereafter referred to as "Filmmakers".

Article II: Purpose

Filmmakers serves as a resource for students interested in making films. Filmmakers offers both equipment and instruction to student filmmakers. The club regularly gives seminars and programs designed to help students learn different aspects of film production.

The club also works it with its student filmmakers to provide venues, both in and outside of the University for them to show their work.

In addition to the teaching students the technical pants Of filmmaking, the club tries to generally promote interest in film and filmmaking by sponsoring screenings and talks with the professional filmmakers.

Article III: Membership

  1. All current students of the University are eligible for membership. Alumni are not eligible
  2. One can become a member simply by telling an officer of the club that they would like to join Filmmakers.
  3. Membership can be revoked by The Club Officers should they feel it necessary to the well-being of the club and the rest of the membership. membership revocations should be reserved strictly for severe infractions of club policy, for instance a major violation of the equipment burrow), procedure (like theft or malicious negligence) or placing other students in a potentially dangerous situation while filming

Article IV: The Club Officers

  1. Filmmakers will be run by The Club Officers. The Officers will be a group of 2-4 members, depending on the membership's interest in running for the Officer positions. The Club b Officers however must always consist of a President who will be responsible for presiding at club meetings, the day-to-day- of the- club, and setting long-range Goals for the club The club Officers must also always include a Club Treasurer, who will be responsible for the financial operation of the Club if there is sufficient interest from the membership, a Vice-President (to assist the President in the setting of policy and the day-to-day operation of the club) as we, as either, a Co-President, Co-Vice-President, or Co-Treasurer (to share equally the duties of the titled office) may be added to above.
  2. Officers are elected by the club membership to a one year term beginning at the end of fine academic year. All members are eligible for off ice.. T here will be a separate vote for each position with the candidate receiving the most votes for that particular position becoming a Club off ice.. All Club Officers must take the Oath of off ice.. before assuming any administrating duties. A Club Officer can be removed from office only by a 2/3 Majority vote of the membership

Article V Procedures

  1. The Club Officers will hold meetings as regularly as they feel is needed. Also, a meeting may be called by the membership through petition with at least 1/4 G. the membership signing.
  2. Policies will be formulated by The Club Officers. At meetings of the Officers, each Officer will have one vote, win the President having An additional vote In the case of a tie.
  3. Policies will then have to be ratified by 60% of the full membership.

Once adopted, policies can only be altered by a 2/3 vote, of the full membership.

Article V:: Amendments

The Columbia/Barnard Filmmakers Constitution may be amended by a 3/4 majority vote of the organization. Any member can propose an amendment.

Article VI: Bylaws

By-Laws generally covering, but not limited to, such topics as the date of elections and meeting locations may be established for the club by the Club Officers. No vote of the full membership is needed to approve such By-Laws. Once established! By-Laws may be overturned if rejected by a majority of the membership excluding Club Officers.

Appendix I: Oath of Office

Elected officers must recite the following in the presence of at least eight (8, other current club members before taking office

I do solemnly swear [affirm] to perform my obligations as set forth in the Constitution of the Columbia/Barnard Filmmakers. I will fulfill to the best of my abilities the special needs of this organization and ifs membership.

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