Group Constitutions
Columbia University Games Club

Article I: Name

We are the Columbia University Games Club, recognized October 19, 1977.

Article II: Purpose

We play games. Go figure. More specifically, we play board games, war games, role-playing games, head games, games of chance, games of strategy, and games of Cunning (tm), and we devote ourselves to the spread of same.

Article III: Structure

Section 1: Members Anyone can be a member, whether a Columbia affiliate or not. We are not prejudicial. Just by walking in, a person is a member. However, one must attend three meetings to be a voting member.

Section 2: Officers Under ordinary circumstances, Games Club will have two officers: the Treasurer, who deals with monetary matters, and the President, who deals with everything else. However, the President has the power to appoint additional officers as necessary, e.g. the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Section 3: Meetings Meetings will be held every Friday evening in 301 Ferris Booth Hall. Important decisions should be presented to the throng at that time, and voted on by either a show of hands (in which case majority rules) or by voice vote (in which case majority of decibels rule). Method of voting is at the President's discretion.

Section 4: Elections Elections will be held every spring. Any Columbia undergraduate voting member is eligible. A candidate must be nominated and seconded by any member, including itself. Voting will be done by a show of hands; in the event of a tie, the vote will be recast until a majority is reached. Those elected will take office at the end of the spring semester.

Section 5: Committees There will be two standing committees under ordinary circumstances, the Convention Core (ConCore) and the Convention Corps (ConCorps). ConCore is the administrative staff of Games Club's annual convention, held in conjunction with the Science Fiction Society. It is composed of the Con Head, the Event Coordinator, the Head of Security and Master of Gophers, the Reality Exchequer, and any other members of Games Club who have useful and pertinent knowledge.

ConCorps is the general staff for the convention. It consists of any individuals brave or foolish enough to volunteer. Its task is to take care of matters delegated from on high.

Section 6: Removal at Members A member can be removed from Games Club if it performs some action contrary to the Constitution, the Bylaws, or uncommon courtesy (cf. the Great Cream Pie Incident). Removal may or may not, depending on the offense, be accompanied by a severe tongue lashing from the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Section 7: Removal of Officers An officer may be removed if it has, in the opinion of at least 2/3 of the club, acted to the detriment of Games Club and is neither repentant nor likely to change. However, the impeachment squad must have an alternative candidate.


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