Group Constitutions
Haitian Students Association


We, the members of the Haitian Students Association, in establishing this organization and the Constitution, unify to form a collective entity, whose express purposes are to provide a support network for its members and foster an awareness an appreciation of Haitian culture and heritage.

Article l-Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be The Haitian Students Association hereafter referred to as HSA.

Section 2. The Executive Board of HSA, hereafter referred to as the Bearded, shall be made up of Co-Presidents (Each representing Barnard College and Columbia College or School of Engineering and Applied science, respectively), Social Chair, Cultural Chair, Political Chair, Secretary, USCC Representative and Treasurer.

Article Il-Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide information about Haitian culture and heritage; promote and foster an awareness and appreciation of Haitian culture; and provide a network support for Haitian students.

Section 2. The Executive Board of HSA shall Plan and coordinate events that will achieve the aforementioned goals. Some of the events to be held includes Haitian speakers and lecture series to promote awareness of the Haitian culture.

Article III-Membership

Section 1. Membership to HSA is open to any affiliate of Columbia University, i.e., undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, alumna, etc.

Section 2. Only members who are undergraduate students in Barnard College, Columbia College, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences may vote or hold office.

Section 3. Members are expected to consistently attend HSA's general meetings, functions, and events.

Section 4. The HSA Executive Board has the right to revoke any organization or membership when deemed necessary.

Article IV-Meetings and Procedures

Section 1. General Body Meetings shall be held every week or every other week. The HSA Executive Board will determine the time and dates of meetings.

Section 2. All procedural issues shall require a simple majority.

Article V-Officers

Section 1. HSA will be managed and directed by the Executive Board. The HSA Executive Board will consists of:

Barnard College Co-President

Columbia College Co-President

Social Chair

Cultural Chair

Political Chair

USCC Representative



Section 2. The duties of these officers shall be the effective and efficient management of all meetings, events, and other functions.

Section 3. These officers shall serve one year beginning in the fall semester and Terminating the following fall.

Section 4. Any voting member who has been active for at least one semester prior to election may be eligible for office.

Article Vl- Electing, Appointing. and Removing Officers

Section 1. Elections will be held annually 2 weeks prior to the termination of the spring semester.

Section 2. Any voting member wishing to run for office must have 2 nominations from the membership.

Section 3. Candidates who receive majority of the votes from the membership will be elected to the office which he or she is running for.

Section 4. In the event of a mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, the Board will temporarily appoint a voting member to the office until the next election.

Section 5. An Executive Board member may be impeached by a 2/3 vote of the membership if he or she consistently neglects the responsibilities of the Board and/or engages in behavior or activities that is disruptive or destructive to the existence of the HSA.

Article Vll- Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1. The Constitution and the above articles are no means exhaustive, - complete, or final, and are subject to addendum and amendment.

Section 2. Addendum and amendments to Constitution require a unanimous consensus within the Executive Board or a 2/3 vote of the entire voting membership.

Article VIII- Ratification

This Constitution shall be established by a vote of a 3/4 majority of the entire voting membership.

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