Group Constitutions



Section 1. The name of this Association shall be the Undergraduate Korean Student Association of Columbia University.

Section 2 The objectives of this Association are:

  1. To promote the common interests of the members.
  2. To demonstrate collectively the interests of the members toward Columbia University and the community;
  3. To promote a better understanding of Korea and Korean culture within the University and the community;
  4. To help new members to adjust to university life:
  5. To promote relationships between present and past members of the Association.

Section 3. The Activities of the Association shall be those appropriate to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Association.

Section 4. For the purpose of this Constitution. undergraduates of Columbia University refer to those students enrolled in the Columbia College. the School of Engineering, the Barnard College. the School of General studies, and the School of Nursing.


Section 1. Regular membership of the Association shall be open to all undergraduate Columbia University students regardless of national origin. race or religious creed.

Section 2. Honorary membership of the Association shall be open to all Columbia affiliated persons of Korean ancestry or those interested in Korea and Korean culture. who are attentive to the Association and approved in a General Meeting.

Section 3. All regular members shall have the right to vote. and all regular members shall be eligible for the elected offices of the Association.


Section 1. The Association shall have the following elected officers: a President and two Vice-Presidents and a treasurer and a secretary. One Vice-President shall be elected from Columbia College or the School of Engineering and one from Barnard College.


Section 1. A General Meeting shall be convened by the President during the month of February.

Section 2. In the General Meeting, election for the offices, amendments to the Constitution, approval of the report on activities and finance submitted by the Administrative Committee, approval of Honorary membership, and decisions on other general matters shall be made.

Section 3. A Special Meeting, which assumes all the authorities and functions of the General Meeting, may be convened by the President upon the decision of the Administrative Committee.

Section 4. Due notice of each Meeting shall be given to all members at least one week prior to convening of the Meeting except in the case of amendments to the Constitution.

Section 5. At any session of a duly convened Meeting, the members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 6. All decisions, except general elections. amendments to the Constitution and on removals of elected officers. shall be approved by the simple majority of the members present and voting.

Section 7. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all procedural matters not covered by this Constitution.


Section 1. A written proposal for amending the Constitution shall be submitted to the Administrative Committee by a group of at least than five members.

Section 2. Within one month after receiving the proposal for amendment, the President shall convene a Meeting with at least two weeks notice of the proposal and the Meeting to all members of the Association.

Section 3. A two-thirds majority of the members present in a duly convened Meeting are required to pass the amendment.

Section 4. The amended Constitution shall take effect at the moment of its approval.

Section 5. The newly authorized Constitution shall be reported in written form to all members of the Association within one month after its approved.

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