Group Constitutions
Metrotones Constitution


The name of this organization shall be The Metrotones, and so referred to within this document.


The function of this group is to give women who enjoy singing a chance to do so and to entertain people by doing it in public occasionally. We hope also to foster a family-like atmosphere and a support group for all of the members.


A. Membership in the Metrotones is open to all women affiliated with Columbia University and its affiliated schools.

B. Membership in the Metrotones depends upon a series of two informal singing auditions, testing their voice and ear tuning. There are no separate "classes" of membership.

C. Membership can be revoked if, after a student's first semester participating in the group, she and the group come to a mutual decision that the dynamic (musically and interpersonally) between herself and the other members is not satisfactory.


A. There are three officers within the group. They are:

President -- This office includes taking care of the general administrative side of running this group: arranging performance dates (including setting up our own and acting as liaison to other groups and individuals who want Metrotones to perform), dealing with FBH and Student Government, and acting as official spokesperson of the group.

Musical Director -- This office includes running each rehearsal, directing the group in performance and rehearsal, and arranging music for the group.

Business Director -- This officer specializes in handling the financial situation of the group, dealing with FBH and USO as needed.

All of these positions are extremely fluid, and are added and taken away as needed and at the discretion of the group. All of our business is conducted in an informal manner.

B. Officers are elected according to their interest in the position and their ongoing level of commitment to the group. The offices are usually inherited from graduating officers a semester before they leave Columbia.


A. Meetings are held twice a week for a total of four and a half hours. The times of regular meetings and special meetings are decided upon by a consensus of the group.

B. All decisions are made by the entire group together.

Vl. Any changes to this constitution can be made by agreement of the members.

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