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MODE Magazine Constitution


The constitution of MODE Magazine states the reasons for its existence as well as the workings of its officers, committees, and members.


SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be MODE Magazine hereafter referred to as MODE.

SECTION 2. The officers MODE shall make up the Executive Board of MODE, hereafter referred to as the 'Board.'


SECTION 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to reflect the trends and fashions of the times while providing an open medium for the expression of opinions and reactions.

SECTION 2. The Executive Board shall guide and coordinate the production of the magazine.


SECTION 1. The requirements of membership is that the members be full-time students of Columbia College, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or Barnard College.

SECTION 2. Only members who are undergraduate students in Columbia College, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or Barnard College may vote or hold office. SECTION 3. The privileges and responsibilities of membership are attendance at fashion shows and completion of assignments for the various departments of the magazine.

SECTION 4. Membership may be revoked by a consensus of the Board due to irresponsibility and failure to meet the standards and demands of the magazine.


SECTION 1. During production season, meetings are held once a week. Any officer of the Board has the authority to call a meeting when he or she deems it necessary or appropriate.

SECTION 2. Policy decisions are made by the Board in conjunction with the general staff. The Board oversees an open vote by the members.


SECTION 1. The organization shall have the following officers: editor-in-chief/president executive editor/vice president, treasurer, director of advertising, creative director, and secretary. In order to hold office, member must submit a written statement detailing his or her reasons for applying, along with information on appropriate background and related experience.

SECTION 2. The duty of these officers shall be the coordination of the production of MODE Magazine. The duty of the editor-in-chief/president consists in overseeing the magazine's various aspects, such as advertising, lay-out, photography, and writing. The duty of the executive editor/vice president consists in assisting the editor-in-chief/president with the said departments. The duty of the treasurer consists in keeping an up-to-date budget, tracking all monetary transactions, and reimbursing members. The duty of the director of advertising consists in handling all aspects pertaining to the acquisition of advertisements for MODE. The duty of the creative director consists in creating the compositional format of MODE magazine through lay-out. The duty of the secretary consists in performing clerical work as well as assisting the other members of the Executive Board.

SECTION 3. The length of office is limitless, unless terminated by resignation, graduation, change of office, or the consensus of all members of the Board.


SECTION 1. Election/appointment to an office will be based upon a written resume and the decision of the current members of the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. A member of the Board may be impeached and removed by the consensus of the other members. Inability to fulfill the duties of an office serves as one, though not the only, ground for impeachment and removal.

SECTION 3. In the event of a mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, a replacement will be appointed by the remaining members of the Board through a deliberation over submitted resumes.


SECTION 1. The standing committees of this organization shall be advertising, lay-out, photography, writing, and other.

SECTION 2. The duty of each of these standing committees shall be the production of MODE Magazine in relation to its department.

SECTION 3. Committee members will be selected according to expressed interest.

SECTION 4, Additional committees may be formed and dissolved at the discretion of the Board when deemed necessary to the production of the magazine.


SECTION 1. By-laws of the organization shall be established and altered by the Executive Board with the consensus of the majority of the members at any given meeting.

SECTION 2. By-laws of the Board shall be established and altered by the Board itself.

ARTICLE IX - AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION An amendment may be proposed by any member of the organization who has the approval of at least one member of the current Executive Board. Two-thirds of the voting membership is required to adopt an amendment.

ARTICLE X - RATIFICATION This constitution shall be established by the Executive Board in conjunction with the majority of the membership of the organization

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