Group Constitutions
Model European Union Club

Article I: Name

The Name of this Organization shall be the Model European Union Club, here referred to as the Model EU Club.

Article II: Purposes

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote education and awareness of the European Union and its various member nations. This purpose is based upon a principle entrenched in learning and the belief that awareness of the cultural, political, as well as economic situations of nations in Europe is essential to an understanding of the broader workings of the world at large. The nations in question concern not only Western Europe but also the new democracies in Eastern European. Appreciating the increasingly global nature of the world, yet one in which regional bodies play an enormous role, the Model EU Club seeks through its beliefs and activities to foster the development of leaders for the global community.

Article III: Membership

The organization of the Model EU Club is entrenched in the ideals of a modern parliamentary democracy. We presume that all members will participate in activities with a sense of honor, honesty, and integrity. The following clauses concerning membership are not open to amendment.

  1. The membership of Model EU Club is open to all Columbia College, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Barnard College students
  2. Membership is confirmed after participation in one or more of Model EU Club's activities per academic year


Article IV: Officers


  1. Two weeks of April of each academic year or whenever a position becomes available. The officer shall constitute members of an Executive Board and be composed of: President. Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  2. The duties of each member of the Executive Board are as follows:
  3. President:

    to coordinate activities of other members of the Executive Board, contact Speakers and liaison work between SIPA, NYSLUX, and all other relevant bodies.


    to coordinate the activities of other members of the Executive Board, contact Speakers and liaison work between Model EU Club and other Columbia University Clubs, the USO, and other relevant bodies.


    to handle all financial matters, communicate with USO and the Student Government on matters of a budgetary nature, approve all club spending.


    to contact club members prior to activities, and take minutes at all General Meeting, distributing updates etc. to members via Email and campus mail in the week following any Model EU activity.

    Any member of the Executive Board may call for a meeting of the Executive Board if he/she deems that such is necessary. These meetings must be attended by all 4 (four) members, the presence of all deeming quorum.

  4. Where an obvious conflict of interest exists in the successful carrying out of an action or actions by any member of the Executive Board, the other members of the Board shall assume responsibility for the action and pass all decisions in this case with a 2/3 (two thirds) vote.
  5. The electorate will be composed of all confirmed members of the Model EU Club. A candidate for a position on the Executive Board must receive more than 50% (fifty percent) of the votes of those present. If no candidate receives more than 50% (fifty percent) in the election for any position, the two candidates with the most votes will participate in a run off. There are no abstentions in voting procedure for officers of those confirmed members present at time of voting.

The requirements for holding any of the positions detailed in clause 1 (one) of this article is confirmed membership in the club.

No one member of the club, confirmed or otherwise, may hold more than 1 (one) of the offices detailed above in clause 1 (one) of this Article.

The procedure for resignation by a member of the Executive Board of his/her office is by submitting a letter addressed to the members of the Model EU Club and submitted at a meeting of the Executive Board. A meeting of the Executive Board may be called for this purpose and requires the attendance of all 4 (four) members.

  1. After such as above has occurred, the remaining members of the Executive Board shall call a General Meeting of all confirmed members and initiate immediate voting procedure for the vacant position.
  2. Members of the Executive Board may participate as candidates in the election

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