Group Constitutions
Native American Council

Ratified 2/6/96

We the members of the Native American Council, inspired by a common determination to promote a universal community within Columbia University, seek to establish a supportive place in which any person affiliated with the University can offer or obtain information relating to Native American peoples. We also intend to promote fair and accurate representations of all Native American peoples within the University community and its academia.

Article I. Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be the Native American Council of Columbia University.

Article II. Purposes

Section 1: Aims and Goals

- To establish a supportive place within the University for students of Native American descent.

- To erase any and all (conscious or subconscious) negative misperceptions, judgments, and stereotypes of Native American peoples within the University community.

- To create a supportive environment in which members of the University community can learn about Native American peoples. Section 2: Purpose of the Organization

- To hold meetings, activities, forums, and social events concerning Native American peoples, history, culture, and issues.

- To promote awareness of the Native American presence at the University and in the nation.

- To demand that the University offer courses relating to any and all aspects of Native American studies, and to incorporate Native American studies into its elected majors.

- To begin to deconstruct the notions and practices of white supremacy within the University community and the nation.

Article III Membership

Section 1: Eligibility

Any person affiliated with the University is able to be a member in the organization. Section 2: Requirements

Attendance is mandatory at all meetings and functions, and all members must contribute to creating a supportive place for people of Native American descent as well as those interested in Native American peoples, cultures, and histories.

Section 3: Loss Of Membership

- Any member who does not remain respectful of others during discussions and meetings, or does not attend meetings and functions regularly, or does not uphold the principles or goals of the organization may be asked to leave the organization.

  • Membership shall be revoked by vote of all the current members of the organization present when the discussion of a particular member occurs.

Article IV. Body

Section 1: Structure

- For the sole purpose of interacting with various other campus organizations and student governments, the organization shall have contacts, representatives, and liaisons each serving a particular purpose and function.

- Each member of the organization shall have a specific position within the organization, with specific tasks and duties, so that the total amount of duties within the organization shall be divided among the existing members.

- Every member shall not be, for example, the treasurer of the organization. There is only one treasurer who is in contact with the various student government associations and founders. The treasurer does not, however, have the sole authority to make decisions relating to the finances of the organization. Any decisions made must be reached by mutual agreement among all members present when voting occurs.

- Several positions, for example, that require contact with other campus organizations shall be: - representative to BC SGA/CC USO (Alyssa) - representative to CC USCC (Marguerite) - representative to BC CORRIE (Allison) - representative to the CC Admissions Committee (Novera) - treasurer (Martine)

Members holding positions in contact with the various student organizations are expected to attend all meetings and functions and report back to the general body of members.

Section 2: Roles of Members

- All members of the organization are equal and share equally in all duties and responsibilities.

- All members are expected to have equal respect for all people and all members.

- All members are bound to uphold the purposes and goals of the organization.

- All members should maintain a supportive, high level of self-respect and group respect.

Article V. Policy

Section 1: Decision Process - The membership shall have the power to make decisions and policies in all cases that pertain to the organization in any way.

Section 2: Decisions

Any and all decisions or policies made must uphold the purpose.

Section 3: Amendments to the Constitution Any member can propose changes in the constitution. For any amendment to be accepted, all members present at the time of voting must come to a mutual agreement. Proposed amendments to the constitution shall be discussed only at regular member meetings.

Article Vl. Operations

Section 1: Activities

Activities, events, panels, forums, guest speakers, and discussions shall be decided upon by the members of the organization.

Section 2: Meetings


- Meetings will be conducted by the entire group of members present at any given meeting.

- Any member can bring an issue or topic of discussion to any meeting.

- All members should maintain their respect for others during meetings and discussions.

- One member present at a given meeting shall be responsible for recording the major topics, plans, and issues discussed.

Section 3: Voting

- Any member may vote on any issue.

- Each member is allowed one vote per issue.

Article Vll. The Members

Section 1: Intentions of the Founding


- It is in the interests of establishing and maintaining the Native American Council that those persons present at the first meeting shall be identified as the founding members of the organization.

- As long as these founding members continue to demonstrate interest, dedication, and commitment to upholding and executing the purposes of the organization they shall remain founding members.

Section 2: List of Founding Members

Alexi Auld

Allison Cross

Alyssa Mt. Pleasant

David Quinn

Jennifer Wall

Mana Shukla

Marguerite Houle

Martine Tabb

Novera King

Paul Strickleiz

Peter Jabal Obeni

Mitlea Fords


BC '97

BC '97

CC '99

BC '97

CC '96

BC '96

CC '96

CC '99

CC '98

CC '97

BC '78


Article VlIl. We, the Founding Members Agree...

- To uphold the purposes and goals of the organization.

- To ensure the existence of the organization.

- To be equally and actively involved in the establishment and maintenance of the organization.

- To seek other members and contacts within the University community and the nation supportive of our organization.

- To pledge our commitment to the organization, its members, its future, and the University community

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