Group Constitutions

We are a collective group of opera singers who run our own program in the effort of performing twice a year. We seek to provide the general listening audience of Columbia University and the vicinity with two evenings of opera scenes. These scenes will be performed in a space having a well tuned piano and decadent atmosphere. Our performances will add to the music division what it is lacking: an established campus group of classically trained singers.

I. Offices

1. president and musical director- will set up rehearsal times, schedule performance dates, Xerox posters and establish a program for performance

2. treasurer- will retrieve money from the account at USO to pay for the variety of expenses enumerated below.

II. Expenses

1. primarily, we seek to pay a full-time professional accompanist to coach us with diction and comprehension, and to provide adequate accompanied music during performance times. This approaches six hundred dollars per semester, and is by far our most extensive expense.

2. money to rent the room in which we will perform. it will near a total of two hundred dollars.

3. xeroxing music for the singers. will total about fifty dollars

4. xeroxing posters for auditioning and for soliciting for performances. Will total about 100 dollars.

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