Group Constitutions
Orchesis, The Barnard Columbia Dance Organization

I. The name of this organization shall be Orchesis, The Barnard Columbia Dance Organization, and will be referred to as Orchesis.

II. The purpose of Orchesis is to encourage student participation in dance on campus. Its goal is to serve student needs while still upholding its standard of artistic excellence. Orchesis is committed both to experimentation and high artistic quality, and its activities shall reflect this commitment. The activities of Orchesis shall not be limited to a select few, but should reflect the wide variety of students interested in dance.

III. Organizational Structure

A. All undergraduate students at Columbia University may become members of Orchesis and participate in Orchesis activities. There may be no arbitrary exclusion on the basis of race, color, or religion. There are no requirements for membership beyond a sincere interest in dance. One may become a member of Orchesis by regularly attending meetings. Membership may be revoked if a member misrepresents Orchesis or acts in an attempt to harm Orchesis

B. Orchesis is governed by a board of officers. Members not belonging to the board may have a great deal of influence upon decisions made, depending upon their participation in meetings and involvement in activities.

IV. Officers

A. Officers of Orchesis constitute the board, which acts as a committee. The term of office is annual. Offices are:

1. President

-coordinates all activities of Orchesis
-presides over all meetings
-designs budget in conjunction with Treasurer
-attends Student Government meeting when Treasurer is unable
-writes newsletter
-makes final executive decisions

2. Treasurer

-attends all Student Government meetings pertaining to Orchesis
-requisitions checks and keeps track of accounts
-designs budget in conjunction with the President

3. Vice President

-presides over meetings when President is unable to attend
-coordinates distribution of events on Barnard and Columbia campuses

4. Winter Festival Representative

-serves on Barnard Winter Festival Committee

5. Publicity Manager

-prints and distributes publicity for Orchesis events

Offices 3, 4, and 5 may be combined into one or two offices lacking sufficient candidates.

B. Any student having previous involvement with Orchesis activities may be elected to the board. The board must include at least one Barnard student and one Columbia student. The board is elected at an open meeting in March for the following year. Candidates are nominated at a meeting previous to the election meeting by any present member, and an oral vote is taken. Elected officers take office the final day of exams in the spring, although they are responsible along with the previous officers for the design of the following semester's budget, due before that time. Officers may be removed only by unanimous vote of the other board members.

V. Procedure

A. Meetings are held weekly. The President must provide adequate publicity of meetings if they are not held at regularly scheduled times. Any officer may call a meeting, as long as all other officers are notified. All members may attend and participate in meetings.

B. All policy decisions are brought up for discussion at meetings. The quorum is all the officers. following discussion, the President makes final policy decisions. If decision involves strong controversy, any member may call for a hands-up vote. A 2/3 majority of present members is necessary for a motion to be passed. All present members are allowed to vote. A motion passed by vote in a meeting may be vetoed only by unanimous consent of the board.

VI. Amendments

Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by any member. Unanimous consent of the board is required for adoption.

VII. By-laws

By-laws for Orchesis may be established by the President and the other officers of the board. By-laws may be altered by a majority vote of the board.


1. As a club sponsored by the Barnard Student Government Association, Orchesis is required to have a faculty advisor. The Orchesis faculty advisor for Spring '85 is Janet Soares, a professor in the Barnard Dance Department. The faculty advisor establishes continuity for Orchesis by keeping records of the club's activities and by nominating candidates for office. The faculty advisor also coordinates Orchesis activities with the Barnard Dance Department, with which Orchesis is affiliated. The position of faculty advisor has no voting rights, but may advise policy decisions. An attempt shall be made to hold meetings at times when faculty advisor can attend, but presence of faculty advisor is not necessary to hold meetings.

2. The President of Orchesis shall write and distribute a newsletter at least three times a semester, informing students of the organization's activities. Any news pertinent to students interested in dance may be submitted for publication in the newsletter.

3. For the Spring semester of '85, Orchesis shall hold weekly meetings on Mondays at 6PM in the Barnard Lance Office, 206 Barnard Hall Annex.

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