Group Constitutions
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Chapter at Columbia University


The general purpose of this organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meetings which will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in local SAE Section activities. It shall also be the purpose of this organization to encourage good fellowship among engineering students and their professors. Membership is not limited to students in any specific area of engineering, making it possible for students and faculty of various majors to work in collaboration. Major topics of this club will be concerning automotive and aerospace engineering.

Only as an SAE chapter are we able to attend national and regional engineering competitors such as "FSAE" (formula SAE), "Walking machine", "aero design", "Sunrace", and many others depending on the interests of the members. (see brochure for some extra details on sponsoring competitions)

Major project of CSAE (Columbia SAE) will be the FSAE program. This project involves building an mini Indy race car that will require the skills of all types of engineering fields (i.e. mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer engineering/ science, etc.) Because of the extreme high cost of the project, business and fundraising skills will also be a great concern.


The name of this organization shall be "Columbia Society of Automotive Engineers (CSAE)."


Students attending Columbia University who are SAE student members or SAE members are qualified to become members of this organization. Membership may be canceled by the Executive Committee due to hinders to the purpose of the club.


The elective officers of the organization shall be:





The above officers shall be elected by majority vote at the regular meeting of the Collegiate Chapter. The election shall take place at least one month before the close of the school year. Officers thus elected shall take office immediately following the close of the school year and serve for one year.


The Collegiate chapter shall, at all times, have an Faculty Advisor. It shall be the Faculty Advisor's responsibility to consult with the Chapter officers on matters pertaining to SAE and school policies, to serve as liaison between the Collegiate Chapter, the Society and the locate SAE Section, and to advise the officers on matters.


  1. The Chairperson shall call and preside over Collegiate Chapter business meetings and meetings of its Executive Committee.
  2. The Vice-Chairperson shall assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson should the Chairperson be unable to perform the duties
  3. The Secretary shall maintain the Collegiate Chapter membership records and prepare minutes of business meetings and executive committee meetings.
  4. The Treasurer shall keep a record of the Collegiate Chapter's income and disbursements and keep the Executive Committee advised of the club's financial status


The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers, standing committee, chairpersons and the Faculty Advisor. It shall meet at the call of the Chairperson for consideration of Administrative matters.


CSAE shall hold a minimum of six technical meetings and two business meeting during the academic year. Business meetings may be held in conjunction with technical meetings. CSAE shall hold Biweekly meetings during the academic year. Additional meetings may be called the executive committee if necessary.


The Chairperson, with the concurrence of the officers, shall appoint chairpersons of committees necessary to carry on the activities of the Branch, including;

Membership Committee

Program Committee

Arrangement Committee

Reception Committee

Publicity Committee

The Chairperson of each committee shall appoint members of the Chapter to serve with them. They shall report these appointments at the first meeting of the Executive Committee.


CSAE dues shall be $5 per year, this in addition to the fee established by the Society for SAE student membership.


This Constitution may be amended by a two-third vote of members at a regularly scheduled business meeting CSAE, provided that a proposed amendment shall be read and discussed at previous regularly scheduled business meeting of CSAE. An amendment may be proposed by action of the Executive Committee or by petition sighed my ten for more members in good standing.

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