Group Constitutions
Six Milks


This is the constitution of the comedy improvisation group Six Milks. This document shall clarify the ongoing mission and procedures of Six Milks.

Article I-Name

1. The name of this organization shall be Six Milks, hereafter referred to as Six Milks.

2. The Executive Board of Six Milks, hereafter referred to as the 'Board,' shall be up a president, treasurer, and artistic director.

3. The persons constituting Six Milks shall hereafter be referred to as 'the membership.' This includes members of the Board.

Article II-Purpose

1. The purpose of the organization shall be to perform improvisational comedy for the members of the Columbia University community. Six Milks' primary goal is to bring laughter to said community.

2. The Executive Board shall 1.) Arrange rehearsal and performance time. 2.) Arrange rehearsal and performance space 3.) Publicize all events 4.) Manage all of the finances of Six Milks.

Article III-Membership

1. As Six Milks is a performance group, membership is limited to those who demonstrate actual comedic performance ability in one of our yearly auditions. This procedure is quite rigorous, and a maximum of six will be admitted in any one academic term. All members must be able to perform comedy for a minimum of thirty minutes, in front of an audience, with absolutely no preparation. Membership is granted by a 5/6 majority of the extant membership.

2. Only members who are undergraduate students in Barnard College, Columbia College, or the School of Engineering and Applied Science may vote or hold office.

3. The privileges of membership are the knowledge that one is a known and valued member of the comedic community. All members have the right to be in every performance of Six Milks. All members have the right to attend every rehearsal by Six Milks. All members have the right to attend meetings of the Board. Some members have the right to vote, with restrictions laid out in Article VI.

4. Voting rights are extended immediately upon admission to Six Milks.

5. Membership may be revoked in a two-part procedure. 1.) The unanimous consent of the Board. 2.) A 6/7 majority in favor of revocation by the membership.

Article IV-Meetings and Procedures

1. Rehearsals will be held every Sunday and Wednesday of the academic year, excluding reading week. The President has the authority to call any additional meetings.

2. Policy proposals may be submitted to the Board for formal consideration by a Board member. A simple majority of the greater membership may also vote to submit a proposal. After a proposal is submitted, the greater membership will vote on it. Passage requires a simple majority. All proposals which are in violation of University policy, University housing contracts, New York City law, New York State Law, Federal Law, or International Law will be voided.

Article V-Officers

1. The Organization shall have the following officers: 1.) President. 2.) Treasurer 3.) Artistic Director.

2. 1.) The President shall make all necessary arrangements for performances. This includes, but is not limited to, procuring space, producing advertising, and negotiating with the parties which have contracted the performance. 2.) The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the yearly budget and seeing that all monetary matters are handled with all deliberate speed. 3.) The Artistic Director shall lead all rehearsals of Six Milks.

3. The President, Treasurer, and Artistic Director shall all serve a one-year term. There is a two-term limit for all officers.

Article VI-Electing, Appointing, and Removing Officers

1. Elections shall be held in the first week of April, for a term to begin the following fall semester. Specific rules are found in the by-laws.

2. The President is elected by a simple majority of the membership. The President will then appoint a Treasurer and Artistic Director.

3. The members of the Board may be impeached and removed by the membership in cases of severe dereliction of duty. Board members may be impeached by a 5/6 majority of the membership.

4. In the event of a mid-term vacancy of an elected officer, a permanent replacement will be elected by the membership on the Sunday or Wednesday following the acceptance of his or her resignation.

Article VII- By-Laws

1. By-laws of the organization shall be established and altered by a 2/3 majority of the membership.

2. By-laws of the Board shall be established and altered by unanimous consent of the Board.

Article VIII-Amendments to the Constitution

1. Amendments may be proposed by any of the membership, acting alone or in groups. Amendments shall be voted up to the Board by a 2/3 majority. The Board shall then pass the amendment by unanimous consent, or the amendment shall be voted down for further modification by the membership.

Article IX-Ratification

1. This constitution shall be established by a 6/7 majority of the membership of the organization.

2. This constitution was ratified on April 17, 1994, by unanimous consent of the membership. This document supersedes and nullifies any earlier copies of the constitution.

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