Group Constitutions
The Speakers Club of Columbia University


The Speakers Club of Columbia University is an organization devoted to the study and practice of spoken communication. This document describes the purpose, organization, and procedures of the club.

Article I - Purpose:

The Speakers Club was originally started by a small group of students who had been closed out of the speech classes at Columbia University because of the high demand for the courses. It was founded so that those with an interest in spoken communication can get together to study and practice these skills. The club will discuss all aspects of spoken communication including conversations, speeches, presentations, discussions, interviews, and broadcasts.

Because spoken communication is so important in our society, the club is of interest to many different members of the Columbia University community. In the past the club has consisted of members interested in teaching, business, law, journalism, politics, public relations, science, medicine, and acting.

For the past years, the Speakers Club has been under the General Studies Student Council. To make the club more recognized university wide, we have come under the USO.

Article II - Membership:

The Speakers Club is open to all students, faculty, and staff of Columbia University who are interested in improving their communication skills. No person will be denied membership because of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability.

Article III- Officers:

Section 1 - Officers

The Speakers Club shall have the following officers:

1. President of the club:

* Will organize administrative aspects of the club.
* Will act as liaison between the club and the university.

2. Vice President: (may be held by more than one member)

* Will assist the president in the administration of the club.

3. Treasurer:

* Will maintain financial records for the club.

4. Secretary:

* Will maintain a list of active members.
* Will be responsible for notifying members when necessary.

5. Planning Director (may be held by more member)

* Will plan events for the club.

6. Human Resource Director (may be held by more than one member)

* Will be responsible for publicizing the club.
* Will be in charge of acquainting new members with aspects of the club.

Section 2 - Elections

Club officers will be elected by popular, anonymous vote at the beginning of the spring semester. Possible officers should be nominated by two members and the nominee must then formally accept in person. All nominees will give a persuasive speech on why they are qualified to hold that office (it is a "speakers club" after all.).

Article IV - Meetings and Procedures:

Section 1 - meeting

Events will be held about every other week, usually on a Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. Board meetings will be held on the other weeks. This is subject to change depending on what is most convenient for the majority of club members and unique circumstances such as special events and invited guests.

Section 2 - meeting format

Club administrative matters will be discussed at the beginning of the meeting, followed by the topic of the meeting. Time will be reserved at the end of every meeting so that those members who wish to present material relevant to the club's purpose may do so.

Every meeting will be lead by a different club member so that all members may get experience leading, and speaking in front of, a large audience.

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