Group Constitutions
The Ukrainian Society of Columbia University

Article I: Name

The organization will be named The Ukrainian Society of Columbia University, incorporating both the undergraduate and graduate schools within Columbia University.

Article II: Purpose

Section I: The primary purpose of the Ukrainian Society is to engage its members in the active study of Ukrainian culture, literature, the arts, and current events in both the diaspora community and in Ukraine. Specifically, New York City will be used as a forum for this purpose. Members will take advantage of the various opportunities presented by Ukrainian academics, artists, writers, politicians and others visiting or residing in New York.

Section II: The Ukrainian Society encourages the active participation of members not of Ukrainian descent and intends,to foster cultural awareness among the University community.

Section III: The Ukrainian Society is to provide an environment which will assist recent immigrants and exchange students from Ukraine in assimilating and adjusting to American culture and society, and particularly to Columbia University.

Article III: Membership

Section I: Membership will be granted to all students enrolled at Columbia University who express an interest in Ukrainian culture and wish to promote the aims of The Ukrainian Society Membership will not be denied to any person on the grounds of religion, politics, race or sexual orientation.

Section II: Any student conducting himself or herself in a manner deleterious to The Ukrainian Society is subject to expulsion. Expulsion can be introduced through a written request by any member. Following the approval of a minimum of three Cabinet members to commence the expulsion proceedings, a final threeforths vote of The Ukrainian Society body determines the expulsion.

Article IV: Cabinet

Section I: Officers of the Society will be elected annually on the first general meeting of April of each academic year in order to allow a transitional period between newly-elected Cabinet members and the departing Cabinet. The newly-elected Cabinet shall be sworn in and assume leadership on the last meeting held during the academic year. The Cabinet will be comprised of: a) President; b) VicePresident; c) Secretary; d) Treasurer.

Section II: All members are eligible to hold the office of Cabinet member; however, no member may simultaneously hold more than one office within the Cabinet.

Section III: Resignation from a Cabinet position must be in writing and addressed to the President who will report the resignation to the Cabinet and the general body at the next meeting. In case of a Presidential resignation, the Cabinet must be notified with a written statement.

Section IV: Any Cabinet member conducting himself or herself in a manner deleterious to The Ukrainian Society is subject to impeachment. Impeachment can be introduced by members of the general body or the Cabinet through a written document which states the reasons for such a motion. Following the approval of a minimum of three Cabinet members to commence the impeachment proceedings, both parties will be allowed to present their respective cases before the general body. After discussion, a final three-forties vote of The Ukrainian Society body determines the impeachment.

Section V: Duty of the Officers

President will be chief representative of The Ukrainian Society. He or She will preside over general and Cabinet meetings. The President is responsible for informing members of current or future events and also informing the University community of Society happenings.

Vice-President will assist the President in the performance of all presidential tasks. Should the President be unable to fulfill his or her duties, the Vice-President assumes all responsibilities pertaining to that office. A new Vice-President must thus be elected at the following general meeting through nomination of candidates and a secret ballot vote in which a majority wins.

Secretary will record the minutes of all meetings, voice all notices at general meetings, and update the membership roster. He or She will be responsible for the distribution of flyers.

Treasurer will be responsible for copies of budgets submitted to the Cabinet. He or She will keep the Ukrainian Society accounts in order. He will work with the Cabinet to develop fund-raising campaigns and will be in charge of carrying them out. Together with the President, the Treasurer will sign all documents which relate to the distribution of Ukrainian Society funds.

Article V: Amendments

This constitution may be altered or amended by a three-forties maority vote of all general body and Cabinet members of The Ukrainian Society at a general meeting, or if necessary, at a meeting specifically called for that purpose.

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