Group Constitutions
Upstart Literary Magazine

Goal of Upstart: "Upstart," so named five years ago, is a literary magazine intent on publishing new and original works of fiction, poetry, and/or critical essays and art works (inclusive of all or fit areas) as determined by the current Board of Editors. The magazine aims to bring the artists and writers of Columbia University, regardless of sex, race, or nationality, to the awareness of the rest of the community.

Membership: All students or interested members of Columbia University, regardless of specific school (ie GS, CC, SEAS, etc.) may attend meetings and contribute by submission to the magazine. All those who regularly attend meetings shall make up the editorial board and therefore hold the power to determine the contents and structure of the magazine in conjunction with those in managerial position.

Elections: The magazine shall hold elections at the end of each year to determine the managerial positions for the next; the positions shall include the Editor in Chief, an Arts Editor, a Literary Editor, and a Treasurer or any such combinations as the club sees fit to carry out its needs. These positions shall be determined by vote of the Board of Editors with one vote to each member.

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